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Artist, painter, architect, designer,.....all come together in the arts of painting and photography. 

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Gallery Bio at ArtSplash Carmel Indiana
Story of Paintings Blog
This is a site documenting some of the history of my paintings.
Photos Vernissage
Vendredi 16 Septembre 2011- Art show Nice france
Sponsored by the Familles de France

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Samantha Kelly

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10/6/2013 5:26:39 PM - 003086856434
Check out my link to the Website of ArtSplash Gallery, in Carmel Indiana
7/5/2012 1:02:54 AM - 003086856434
had a great turnout for my Vernissage at my home in Indianapolis, June 1, 2012.    It was a great party to honor the work that I had completed that was inspired by my travels to the Mediterranean.
3/28/2011 3:06:26 AM - 003086856434
Getting ready for my next photography adventure and creative R&R
1/17/2011 2:00:26 PM - 003086856434
Email: skelly1115@yahoo.com

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