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5 Travel Tips for Safe Summer Ride

Riders During The Summer Ride

Summer is a prime time for bikers to be out and enjoy the bright weather with their bikes. The warm weather opens a wonderful season to hit the roads to go touring and join other biker activities. However, despite all the enjoyment of a summer ride, there are disadvantages that cannot be easily taken for granted. The hot weather can cause discomfort while riding, not to mention that the rising temperature can bring danger to the rider’s health.

As a motorcycle rider, you might be perfectly aware that you are riding with your body bare before the road. When the sun gets too hot, your vehicle does not have the perks of an air-conditioning unit so you have to endure the heat all throughout your travel. An uncomfortable ride is a distraction, and getting distracted may jeopardize your safety. So before hitting the road this summer, it is essential that you take extra measures to stay safe on the road. You might want to consider these travel safety tips:

Motorcycle Safety Tip #1

Wear motorcycle gears with good ventilation. In a hot weather it can be tempting to skip that bulky safety gear so that you can travel more comfortably. However, the gears you wear are your protection during the ride so the only best choice you have is to wear them. The good thing is there are now gears that offer protection and comfort for hot weather riding; from helmets to pants, breathable materials are incorporated to ensure that riders can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Motorcycle Safety Tip #2

Consider the riding route. Start riding early in the day or at daybreak in extremely hot climates. If there is a choice of routes, take the road that is lined with trees or the route with higher altitude. Country roads are degrees cooler than the freeways, and not only that it can offer better protection against the sun, you can also have a good deal of fun with lots of curves and hills.

Ogio Baja 1650 Hydrapak

Ogio Baja 1650 Hydrapak

Motorcycle Safety Tip #3

Stay hydrated. The heat and wind can easily deplete you of fluids so it is important to bring a water bottle or a hydration pack that can sustain you at least a half day. Pure water is the best choice. Avoid caffeinated drinks like soda or coffee before the ride, these can act as diuretic and push water out of your body.

Motorcycle Safety Tip #4

Learn cooling tricks. Take frequent stops to rest, stretch, drink water and cool down. If the sun gets too hot for you to bear, soak down your shirt. By soaking your tee, your body can easily disperse its heat. Loosen your coat for a bit, allowing more air to go in. For your head, try to cover with a wet bandana then put in your protective helmet.

Motorcycle Safety Tip #5

Stay cautious while riding and be sensitive. The hot weather can make it possible for you to get dehydrated so watch out for the signs. Symptoms can be less frequent urination, fatigue, headache, dizziness and cramps. If you are not drinking plenty of water, and you are not sweating despite the hot weather, this can be a sign of heat stroke.

How To Choose Motorcycle Pants?

Gears are very important in our everyday ride. Seasoned and new riders alike know that motorcycle jackets, boots, and helmets are basic rider's essentials. But are we forgetting something? Yes we are! We haven't mentioned motorcycle pants yet. Many motorcycles invests on good boots, comfortable helmet and fashionable jacket. However, wearing motorcycle pants are sometimes exchanged over the regular denim. Wearing a denim in riding isn't that bad. Many riders do it, but there is a huge difference when you are wearing pants specialized fore motorcycle riding. It comes with extra features such as removable armors to ensure that riders are safe and protected while they are on the road.

gears best for riders

gears best for riders

Tour Master Venture Pants

There is no excuse riding bare of these essential gears. There are riders who goes out of the road with shorts, some cotton shirt, flip-flops, and with help of sunglasses. Though they find themselves real comfortable with the get-up, this is a big infraction of motorcycle safety, and not only that you can get a traffic offense for that, but you also are jeopardizing your personal safety. Wearing complete gears is bracing yourself against possible dangers, and there is nothing better than covering yourself from head to toe. Now let us see why motorcycle pants should not be left out in your list of riding gears, and the types that riders can choose from.

Why Wear Motorcycle Pants?

Not matter what you think about wearing motorcycle pants, you still need to wear them. Why wear all the other gears and leave your legs exposed to damage. Motorcycle pants will prevent you from skin scrapes when you experienced a crash. Since it comes with removable armors usually located in the knee, it can also protect your joints against the impact.

Types of Riding Pants You Can Choose From:

There are plenty of design and features that you can enjoy with motorcycle pants, but most importantly, you have to look for a trusted motorcycle gear retailer who has tested their products and offers only high-quality rider gears.

The Difference of a Rain-Geared Ride

 Ride Safely With Your Motorcycle
Imagine a moment when you are enjoying a speedy ride under a great weather. You have more than a hundred miles to reach home then suddenly, you see a dark clouds rolling in. As it comes closer, shading the bright afternoon, you are starting to wonder what to do. Will you pull your motorcycle off the road to the nearby shade or will you just continue the ride, especially that you don't bring a rain gear to keep you covered along the way. You decided to do the first, pulling over in the nearby shed waiting for the drizzles to stop while trying to get the warmth you could muster, wishing that the rain will pass quick so that you can ride your way home without the hassle.

Rain drops as light as that would not be a problem if you have packed a rain gear to accompany you in your every ride. Rain gear is a necessity because the weather is unpredictable and you may not tell when the rain fall especially if you are on a long road trip. No matter how light drizzles are, it can still give you colds if you insist on riding unprotectedly.

The Rain Gear Protection

The miracle of modern textiles allow people nowadays to enjoy doing their stuff even under the pouring rain. Just like riders who got themselves with a high-quality rain gear that can stand the water and the cold gush of the wind. Quality rain suits are made of advanced technology 600 Denier nylon that will not allow the water to seep through. It comes with good adjustments for custom fit, and with rain-proof inner pockets to keep your little essentials dry like your phone or wallet.

Comfort Under Pressure

Motorcycle gears comes with different styles and features riders can widely choose from. There are the one-piece and two-piece options to match riders preferences and fashion statements. Yes, some riders are very particular with their riding fashion! Fortunately, there are rain gears style to accommodate these needs. More to the waterproof quality of the textile, make sure that the rain suit has heat resistant inner leg lining to prevent it from melting due to engine exhaust temperatures. Also, choose a rain gear with night-vision reflective fabric. This allows other road users to see you even the road is dark and foggy.

Rain-Riding Safety

Because it is raining, you have to double riding with care. With the road slippery because of the water, your braking distances become longer. Reduce your speed in 20%, and better keep a good distance with other vehicles. Watch out for the potholes, manholes, and metal plates, they can jeopardize your riding big time if you cannot calculate your movements especially that they often cannot be easily seen because of the water.

The rain is not bad at all if you bring protective rain gear to be your shield when you ride. Rain is a part of our nature and the only choice we have is to adapt to it since we cannot control it. Choosing to ride a motorcycle means that you are already aware that you will travel in open air, making you more exposed to the environment. We may not be able to control the weather, but we have a choice to make our riding experience still FUN!

Reasons Why Riders Prefer Motorcycles

motorcycle riders wearing gears in the competition

In the previous blogs, we already have discussed about the importance of motorcycle gears for a safe and enjoyable ride. However, some of us may wonder why there are many people who prefer riding a motorcycle than cars. Motorcycling had been tagged to be one of the riskiest form of travel. We cannot blame the people who thinks of it though. For years, lots of motorcycle riders have been involved with crashes and accidents, resulting to high number of statistics recording such incidents. 

Have you ever wondered why some riders—no matter how many times they encounter problems in the road—are still pursuing their hobby, and chooses to ride this two-wheeled drive over a more safe vehicle? It was a question to pop my mind after a friend of mine was involved in a minor crash. It was something I would not like to happen to my friends and my family so I decided to blacklist motorcycles. However, closing my mind to possibilities of riding a motorcycle did not happen. When my cousin who was in a vacation volunteered to drop me to work, I realized that riding cool. And I wished that I have learned riding sooner.

Motorcycling have its own set of advantages. Plenty in fact. In terms of accidents in which riders are prone, if we will see things in a brighter light, no matter what kind of vehicle you ride, still, dangers exist. People have no control of the inevitable, and what lies in our hands is the decision we make. If riders decide to follow traffic rules, drive with extra care, and travel with necessary gears from certified helmets to protective motorcycle gears, the possibility of suffering injuries and being involved with accidents is low. It is not about where you are and what you ride, it is more about what you do—to protect yourself, and your driving manner on the road.

Riding a motorcycle have lots of advantages riders can enjoy. Some are:

Motorcycles are cheaper than cars. Not only with the price of the vehicle in general, but also with the cost of fuel you need to fill in. Compared to almost $80 to fill your fuel tank if you are using a car, you can run for miles with just $15 with your motorcycle. It is also flexible in traffic and will allow you to reach your destination faster than having four-wheels during rush hours.

Another advantage of riding a motorcycle is having lesser problem in parking spaces. In many establishments, motorcycle parking space is always available and it is often not as crowded as those spaces for cars. It is also easier to maintain and repair, and if you have small knowledge in auto mechanics, you can repair small problems of your bike without spending for repair services.

Riding motorcycle is cool and exciting. To many riders, it fun and liberating experience. It can be a stress reliever at times especially if a rider wanted to shed the boredom from life's monotony. Riding is cool, and you can enjoy its perks if you will take the courage to try.

Convenient and Comfortable Riding? Get A Motorcycle Luggage

If you love motorcycle riding, you probably understand the benefits of being comfortable in your ride. Unlike other mode of transportation, motorcycle is completely different. This is primarily because you have to make most of your limited space. Unlike cars where you can place your stuffs all the way in, motorcycles allow you to ride in open air, making your paraphernalia exposed in open air as well. There are plenty of luggage available for any kind of motorcycle trips, and all you have to do is to choose the size that you need and matches your personal riding preference.

Motorcycle luggage, like motorcycle gears, come in different functions and designs. There are hundreds of selections for you to choose from. You may find that luggage made of hard materials are a bit pricey than the soft one. Soft luggage may be suitable for riders who do not have plenty of stuff to carry and wants things light. However, if you are a rider who want to serve your travel needs for a long run, hard luggage can benefit you most.

motorcycle gears for riders

Hard luggage are usually made of leather or hard case (trunk bags particularly). There are variety of features according to the models of these bags. There are some which are waterproof and come with coll designs. These king of bags are good investment. You can place clothes for long travel to office documents. Some of the designs even have reflectors for night riding. Yes, even your bag can provide you with extra safety. Examples of hard luggage are:

motorcycle gears for riders

In casual riding days that you just want to stroll outdoors, and even in going to work, but there is nothing much to bring, soft luggage is your best bet. These small luggage are best for organizing your tools, keeping your motorcycle keys, and other small motorcycle accessories. Since they are small in size, you can always bring them for long travel even you have big luggages mounted in the bike. They won't hurt, and they can be helpful because you can place them important handy items that you can just grab quick like hankies, coins, etc. Examples of soft luggage are:

There are few factors that you have to consider in choosing bag for your riding need.

With plenty of deals you can find in the stores and online shops, you can always find the motorcycle that perfectly suits you taste. Though they are extra accessories and may not be a necessity for safe riding, a good luggage can help you greatly in achieving the comfort and convenience that you need in your travel. Take your pick and enjoy the ride!

Ride Safely: Tips To Avoid Road Dangers

Some safety tips for motorcycle riders gives more focus in the way the rider manipulate the vehicle and the way the rider protects himself with his motorcycle clothing. Moreover, there are few essential driving practices that we want to share the riders for more safe and better riding experience. Motorcycles are the most vulnerable vehicle on the road, and without appropriate knowledge on safety practices, great is the possibility that a rider suffer serious injury that may lead to death.

We do not want for the worse to happen, and to do this we have to be particular of the way we behave on the road. Let's see few motorcycle tips that will help us increase our safety while riding.

Be Particular of the No-Zones

Apparently, are smaller than other vehicles and it makes them barely noticeable at blind spots by bigger automobiles especially giant trucks. Do not mess up with 18-wheelers and tractor-trailers if you love your your precious life. Don't come near the truck's blind spot or what is popularly called as “no-zone.” There is a blind spot directly at the rear of the truck ad well as on sides that can even span several lanes. Remember that motorcycles are lightweight and can can stop quickly which is opposite to trucks so it its the rider that will initiate more safety precaution. If you are to pass, make sure that you will signal that you will pass. As you go, do not linger in the “no-zones,” but do pass quickly. 

motorcycle gears

Gear Up

Helmets and motorcycle clothing are important gears. Always wear your safety equipments as you travel.

Drive For Life

You are in control of the handlebars, and the way you manipulate your bike gradually affects your safety on the road. Always remember your personal riding limits and ride to the pace that is comfortable with you, but not disregarding the law. Be extra cautious and pay attention to the lights and signals that drivers make for the safety of other motorists. If these signals and lights would not work, stay alert, and be prepared, defensively riding. No matter how small your bike is compared to other drivers, you share many laws when it comes to road safety. Do not drive aggressively to prevent the chances of crashing. Watch you speed at all times.

Go For Safety Inspections

As much as possible, do not travel without checking your bike. Proper maintenance of our vehicle is to keep it in good condition that will not only keep you safe, but can also help in making your riding experience better.

Learn New Riding Skills

Give yourself an opportunity to learn new skills in riding by enrolling to riding courses. This will strengthen your riding skills that will be beneficial for your safety. Also read about your state's traffic rules and regulations to avoid getting a traffic ticket in circumstances that you are not aware.

Secure Your Cargo and Riding Accessories

One of the hidden dangers that underlie motorcycle riding are paraphernalia which are not properly secured. Backpack straps, scarves, etc. should be secured for having these caught by the rear tire may cause a big trouble. If your motorcycle items will not be used for your ride, better keep them in your motorcycle luggage until you need them.

Motorcycle Clothing: Tips To Get The Best Buy

Like any other gear, motorcycle clothing's primary purpose is to protect the rider from the weather and untimely possibilities in the road. Clothes designed for riding are often durable enough to keep the rider away from the chill brought by the wind as well as provides protection against skin scrapes when accidents occur. Another function of motorcycle clothing is fashion; however, the cool rider look is not limited to riders alone,but also to people who learned to appreciate the style of riders.

Compared to regular clothing we use casually, apparels for motorcycling are a bit heavier because of the materials they are made of. Motorcycle clothing must be durable enough not to tatter easily when the rider happens to fell off the ground. One popular material for motorcycle clothing is leather. Not only that it is already tagged for driver fashion, leathers are usually flexible for different weather conditions. Popular materials for motorcycle gears are leather, mesh, denim, and nylon which is primarily used in waterproof clothing that can protect the rider even under the rain.

gears that you should wear

We cannot deny that there are times that we are convinced to buy a new gear because of the style. However, we must never forget the primary purpose of gears which is to protect. It is the consideration riders should place at the top of the list before anything else. There is nothing wrong in staying fashionable as long as you ensure that the gear you have is equipped with the right features to keep you protected along the way.

If you are a riding newbie who is planning to purchase a motorcycle clothing for a comfortable ride, below are few tips you can consider for wise buying:

  1. Many people, rider or not, takes price into first consideration before buying a product. However, if you find that the cost is pretty reasonable for the quality and durability of the product, why not go for it. In choosing the right motorcycle apparel, the material should be given the highest regard as they can be your basis for the protective value it can give you.

  2. Invest on apparels with good grain of leather since it durable and great for motorcycle ride. It will save for from buying a new apparel from time to time.

  3. During summer, go for apparels that will allow your skin to breath such as mesh, Kevlar, and denim. Never forget that in finding a gear, always consider the weather in your are.

  4. In winter seasons, heated gears will allow you to rider comfortably despite the cold. It is better you you will have at least a pair of liners for top and bottom.

  5. Clothing with room for removable armors can work for your advantage if you are going for a long travel or in night riding. Though removable armors can be used anytime as you please.

  6. Do not forget to wear proper gloves that provides extra grip for your handlebars. Gloves should perfectly fit your hands and has a comfortable feel on your palms.

5 Top Reasons Why Wear A Helmet

Are your protecting your head while riding your favorite two-wheel drive? If you do, that will work on your advantage, for using motorcycle helmets are incredibly important if you wanted to ensure safe and comfortable travel. If you are one of those riders who are not convinced about the benefit of using motorcycle helmets, you might think twice upon reading this article that will give you 5 good reasons to wear your friendly helmet.

Reason #1: Protection

Of course the main goal of a motorcycle head gear is to protect you from possible head injuries. Based on statistics, brain injury is one of the aftermath of motorcycle fatalities, and it usually occur when the rider is not wearing a head gear. Without a helmet, drivers are vulnerable to severe head injuries that may result to death. Today, many countries are adhering on helmet use law to protect the driver as well as its passenger/s.

motorcycle gears for riders

Reason #2: Adherence to Law

The first motorcycle helmet law in the world took effect in Victoria, Australia on January 1, 1961. Due to most countries seeing the advantage of helmets in reducing severe injuries in motorcycle accidents, today many countries including the United States is implementing strict laws in the usage of motorcycle helmets especially if the rider traverses a public road. In Virginia, the state impose a fine of $200 for violating the Mandatory Helmet Law. Although fines and punishments vary in different states, it is still best if a rider does not have a record from enforcers in their locality.

Reason #3: Save Money

Since serious injuries brought by motorcycle fatalities is a major health concern, wearing a helmet can reduce the possibilities of severe injuries resulting to small medical bill. Though there are inevitable circumstances that riders tend to experience minor road problems, it may not result to a big deal if drivers wear protective motorcycle gear.

Reason #4: Fashion

These days, motorcycle helmet use is not limited by just being a protective gear. It is now used for fashion considering many riders are very particular about the designs of the head gears they are wearing. Helmets come in variety of brands, colors, and styles, and depending on the look that the rider would want to project, there is a helmet that will definitely match his taste.

Reason #5: Comfort

Good fashion is a twin of comfort. Full face helmets are considered to be a great buy since it covers your entire face, giving best protection. In choosing a head gear ensure that it is soft in all points in its contact to your skull. It should give you a full view of the road while protecting your face and eyes against the wind and dust. Check if the inner is made of high quality material so that it will absorb the sweat but will not definitely stink. Wearing a helmet will make you comfortable while driving, since you need not to worry about the wind and dust which are painful to your eyes.

Wearing helmet can save your life, it is the most important reason why you should wear one. Choose to wear it and enjoy the benefits of being a real rider !

Motorcycle: Essential Tips for Beginners

More youngsters believe that motorcycling is one of the coolest hobby in the universe. Motorcycles are source of fun. More people like to ride because they look cool and it is an awesome way to meet people with the same interests. Several people join groups of riders where they can share and learn good motorcycle skills. For people who are interested to have motorcycles, they need to know some factors and tips before choosing their own motorcycle.

Know Your Options

motorcycle gears for riders

There are two important things to consider when selecting your first motorcycle. First is the CCs or the cubic centimeters, this refers to the size of the engine displacement in a motor. The bigger the engine the more CCs it has, which also mean it can store more power. Meanwhile, engine configuration is another factor that you have to consider. There are different configurations some of these are inline-four engine and twins engine. If you are new to riding motorcycles on the street you need to follow certain rules depending on the type of engine in the motorcycle. If you choose a bike with an inline-four engine, be sure to stick with 500cc's or less. However, if you will select a bike with twin engine, stick to 650cc'ss or less.

Moreover, there are lots of riding equipment that you need to have for protection. Riding gear comes in various forms like jackets, boots, pants, motorcycle helmets as well as different accessories including gloves and vests. You can find gears in different sizes, styles and fitting for both man and woman. Remember not to ride without the right equipments. For you to keep safe you need to wear all the protective gear every time you ride your bike.

As soon as you are properly equipped to ride a motorcycle, you have to understand the importance of a motorcycle training. There are training courses to teach each riders the proper ways to operate motorcycles. It is necessary for the motorcyclist to learn and practice a number of unique skills. There are circumstances in the road that riders experienced such as traffics and accidents. During the training you can learn hand signals, road signs and other rules. Before you can get your license you need to pass certain exams, hence, you need to listen carefully during the training.

Motorcycling is a high-risk activity and most beginners are vulnerable to accidents. As one of the newbies you need to protect yourself with safety gears. Motorcycle helmets are the most valuable gears because it can reduce the impact of the head of the rider and the passenger in a crash. At high speeds, most motorcycle crashes are fatal. Unlike cars, motorcycles are not covered and this exposes the rider to greater danger in case of mishaps.

For you to survive each of your ride, always make sure to wear protection. Indeed, there is nothing more exhilarating than a ride on a bike. Whether it is just a quick run to the store or a road trip, for sure you will enjoy it.

motorcycle gears for riders

The Importance Of Motorcycle Gears

motorcycle gears for riders

Motorcycle riding is fun, many riders would attest that they are enjoying their travel when they are using their big bikes compared when they are using their cars. Motorcycles bring plenty of advantages, not only that riders can save money from fuel, motorbikes also allow riders to have easier access to parking space, a lesser travel time, and avoidance of traffic which is very important in going to work. Indeed, riding these two-wheel drive comes with amazing benefits, but the reality exists—motorcycle riding has its dangers, and when riders will not be particular of their health and protections as they ride, great is the possibility of them encountering accidents that may place their lives at stake.

Many riders believe that motorcycle riding truly is perilous, but it is just the same as other vehicles people use for transportation. It is not about what you ride, what counts more is what you do to protect yourself from experiencing such tragic incidences. In riding, the first rule to protect motorcycle riders is to follow the rules of the road. Never ignore the stop sign, follow the law as much as possible. Obedience to the law is not only preventing yourself from receiving a traffic ticket, you are also protecting the lives of the people who might be involved if you will experience an accident.

Though you can just use casual outfits when riding, incorporating protective motorcycle is essential to maximize comfort and protection as you drive in open air. Motorcycle gears is considered to be your secondary protection, because when you or somebody has blown up your practicing “care” while driving, the protective gears you are wearing may save your life big-time!

What are the basic gears you must have when riding?

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