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Welcome to R.S.Westeren Studio & Gallery. The art of Roger Westeren comes to life in this website. Multi-media, carvings, paintings and photography bringing a look at ourselves in a odd and unique manner.

At age 55 I decided to embrace my artist side of life. With camera in hand I now look for the beauty of our world and capture it digitally. For the most part the pictures you will see are what I saw when taking them. Some minor editing such as cropping will be done but no photoshop mechanics. Many times while taking a picture I see a story or a statement that is reflected in the vision. Whether you call my writing prose, poetry or as I call it "jottings" it is straight from the heart. Hope you enjoy 

I Bid You Peace




The Unwilling
The Unwilling
The Unwilling.jpg 2011-04-11
The inspiration for the newest prose " A Puppy Dog Christmas"
"The moon winks down through the winter night clouds - Puppy dog dreams of the day he just had -he smells were marvelous of cinnamon and pine-boxes to investigate and shiny paper that rattles..."

R.S. Westeren Studio

Living the Desert Cactus Blues.jpg
Living the Desert Cactus Blues.jpg

Days spent inside wanting to see out

Anxious to walk where walls do not block

Peer at the clock, it hands slow by the second

Sitting numbly, as freedom must wait

Living the Desert Cactus Blues


Temps soar to a hundred, normal that’s true

Shade is no escape, shelter a defense

Waiting for sunset, relief meager but taken

An odd relationship .....



RSW10112 b.JPG
RSW10112 b.JPG

Living a Desert Cactus Blues

Entered in a contest for Helldoado Days Las Vegas.


The Park - 2302x2878.JPG
The Park - 2302x2878.JPG

The Park


I come to the park looking for answers

Questions of a purpose, value and reasons


I come to the park remembering my past

Decisions I made, the good and the bad


I come to the park remembering lost ones

Honoring the pieces missing in my heart


I come to the park with hope in my heart

Young laughter of children with the sparkle of life


... see for the rest of the poem

Copyright 2009 Roger S. Westeren

The Ocean, A Daughter
The Ocean, A Daughter

The Ocean, A Daughter


Constant is the waves beating against the shores

Constant is the love beating in a heart


Powerful the swell, moving sand through time

Powerful in spirit, giving in only to truth


Caring for the creatures that make it their home

Caring for others without regard to oneself


Forgiving the sailors who attempt to cash in on its bounty

Forgiving mistakes looking towards the future


Calming to sit, listen and watch

Calming to revel in each word that is uttered


Missed each day that is spent afar

Missed each second wishing for more


The ocean

A daughter





Empty playground

Deserted beaches

Sunless mornings

Only the heartbeat of the Ocean

To stir my soul


The mist is reluctant

To give up it’s hold

Like a child

With a new toy

Never sharing


Breaking through

Forcing slivers of golden rays

A new hope arises

Replacing the mist

For another day


Roger Westeren



"Searching" by RWesteren
"Searching" by RWesteren


 For days I walk looking, wondering, searching for that which evades me.

Is it solitude I seek?

The calm loneliness solitude brings.

Is it companionship of a friend I seek?

The unquestioned trust to be broken again.

Is it crowds I seek?

To be with people and be alone.

Do I want to fit in to a society that shuns me?

I long for a society to embrace me for what I am.

I search for answers to questions not asked.

I am looking, wondering, searching for that which evades me.



Roger Westeren



"Barbed Paradise" by RWesteren
"Barbed Paradise" by RWesteren



In or out

Which do I want?

Which do I need?

Freedom is on the other side

Or is it

Want what you don’t need

Need what you don’t have


Your paradise is a forest of positive endearments

Or the leaf covered floor with hidden agendas

If you don’t belong can you cross over?

If you cross over will you then belong?


Pulled from below

Pushed from above

Jump over or crawl below

yours for the taking

But the price may be high

To unshackle your bonds

You may have to bleed


Roger Westeren

Copyright © 2009


"Watering for Days" by RWesteren
"Watering for Days" by RWesteren

Grandfather’s chair

 Each day begins with sunrise and ends with sunset

Grandfather sits in his chair and waters the garden


Children grow and move on to their life

Grandfather sits in his chair and waters the garden


Grandchildren arrive full of wonder and glee

Grandfather sits in his chair and waters the garden


The end will come by with a lifetime fulfilled

Grandfather overlooks his chair and the rain waters the garden


Roger Westeren

copyright 2009

Battle for the day
Battle for the day

Darkness engulfed all that got in its way

Only sounds escape and elude the night

First a sliver of hope try as it may

Then a bright yellow light rises in to sight

To the heaven I thank and pray


A beacon, a ray and a friend to behold

Darkness is defeated in this heavenly fight

A day starts with stories about the strong and bold

A promising tale of the glory of light

A glow, warmth rejecting the cold


A crack in the amour, a chance for defeat

Questions of doubt ease into thought

Darkness again is ready to compete

Tired, lightness is easily caught

Darkness engulfed all that it meets



Roger S. Westeren


Photo journal

2010 A New Year and more effort in my art

2010 brings to new life towards my art. I start with a commitment to produce at least a new piece every month and some type of book or ? at the end of the year. A search for a new studio/gallery is happening and hope that by early spring a place is found.


I have some of my work displayed at the City of the World Gallery in the Arts District and have sold a few pieces.


I thank all that have support my work in 2009 and look forward to a positive 2010!

I bid you peace.


My Dad and me

Pulled out of the art center

Bounced checks to the landlord along with questionable business priorities by management has caused me to pull out of the art center. In good faith we invested money in to what we hoped to be a long term art center but all came unraveled as we found out that the center had run out of money.

I wish nothing but best wishes to the artists and hope that somehow they get the art center they want. After the failed Neonopolis experience and now the 3rd street experence I will be very select in whom I go in to partnership in the future.

Delicate Designs and R.S. Westeren Studio are currently looking for our own retail space to open up a Art Gallery. I hope this will happen in the next months.

I bid you peace


New outlet for my art

I have put my art in with Delicate Designs studio at the Southern Nevada Center for the Arts. It is located at 1310 South Third Street in Las Vegas Nevada. Not only will I have my photographs and poetry available to see and purchase I have also produced a series of greeting card (with blank inside) that are very affordable.

Brochure - inside

Another day, another step closer

The Studio and Gallery is now taking shape. Most of the display cases and work bench is in, now it is time to hang the lighting and art work.

As many of you know this studio is first and foremost for Sharron Westeren's Delicate Designs, featuring hand crafted jewelry. Her work is wonderful and being one of a kind pieces they are truely pieces of art.

This time around I am taking a little corner of this studio and will be presenting some of my art pieces for you. I will keep everyone update for when the grand opening will be and of course you are all invited.


Step by step inch by inch

The first load of displays and stuff has made it way to the new studio. Over the next couple days the rest of the lighting and building of the work bench will happen. If everything goies right the studio & gallery will be ready for it's first customer by the end of the week!

Southern Nevada Center for the Arts

The moved Southern Nevada Center for the Arts (SNCA) will be soon opening in it's new location right in the Art District of Las Vegas at 1310 South 3rd Street Las Vegas, NV 89104. Although the SNCA did enjoy it's brief time at Neonopolis this new facility offers so much more. For the artists the studios are larger, common areas are better laid out and opportunities for expansion are great. For our guests free parking, art classes, easy access from all parts of the city and more convienent hours.

To visit the art center follw this link: SNCA


Map to SNCA

Reaching in to the soul

I have been doing a lot of thinking the last few days and reaching in to the crevises of my soul. I am not finding blackness but instead a joyful playfullness. Maybe I am just thinking too much. Roger

Just starting out

The passion of photography is just starting. As much as I like painting, carving and mixed media art I am finding that taking photographs and then adding my thoughts through poetry or as I call them "Jottings" is moving me greatly. Although I have only told one person about this site more and more people are telling me they have seen it and like it alot. Please feel free to express your feelings regarding my art. As one of my favorite chef used to say "I bid you peace". Roger

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8/15/2009 4:12:21 PM - 002083731853
Roger this is so awsome. You are so deep. I think that it is awsome that you are so artistic. Love the pics.
8/14/2009 10:53:33 PM - 002083725483
Wonderful work Roger!
8/14/2009 3:48:47 PM - 002083820493
This is Awesome Rog! you are soooo talented!!




Want not need

Take never share

Large society to breed

All large not a care


Moderation never considered

Excess the norm

Eat like a herd

Breeze through like a storm


Full is the plate

No room for more

A second will take

Will be hard to go through the door


Roger Westeren





From the darkness reach out

Grab for answers, unknown questions.

Grey mist shadows dance

To appear and disappear


Warriors in the mist

With weapon drawn, the battle cry heard

Swiftly forward through the mist they travel

Looking for the enemy

Found in the mirror


Looking at oneself

Evil or good to decide

Will the grey mist fade

Or will darkness prevail?


Roger Westeren







Author notes:

Mist represents the person’s judgment

Warrior’s represent the battle between right and wrong

Grey mist is undecided

Darkness is poor judgment

Lightness is working toward better judgment

Copyright Notice

Copyright © 2009 Roger S Westeren. All Rights Reserved



All original written and photographic items are copyrighted to Roger S Westeren and all rights reserved.

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