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I'm trying to collect pictures of my sewing and craft projects in one place.  I may also post tutorials and patterns for some of the things I create.

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Semi-formal Remade Dress

About a year ago, I bought a blue formal dress at a thrift store because I loved the color and the fabric.  Unfortunately it was many sizes too big and the style was none too flattering...thus a new sewing project was born.  A few pictures from before I started work, and once I had taken it apart.  I was too eager to start to do a very good job showing the original.  Shortly after I started working on this project, I put it down.  I am just now getting back to finishing it.

Merida Costume

I have started sewing Merida's green dress from Disney's Brave.  So far I have made the white underdress in a very thin off white crepe fabric using Simplicity 2777 but doing elastic at the neck instead of a drawstring.  I have also cut out the main part of the dress from a dark green fabric with a bit of a crinkly character.  I am using Butterick 4827 for the dress except blending the neckline with the one in Simplicity 4149.  I haven't decided what to do with the over sleeves that are in pieces.

Check out my new photo album with my journey through this costume. 

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Merida from Disney's Brave Costume Tutorial


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