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Here is a great quote from Confuscious i once blogged about a while ago - “he who who says they can and the man who says he can’t tend to be usually right”.

This quote is about the forgotten power self belief and confidence.

Self belief and Confidence
Whilst by no means self belief and confidence may be the only thing which get you to definitely where you desire to be in life, it certainly does help as a foundation with other positive beliefs that self belief and confidencehelp you move forward.

Allow me to offer you a good example.

With regards to a last year I had been playing ten-pin bowling with the staff from my workplace.

I used to be doing absolutely terrible.

Whenever it was my turn to bowl, I either had a gutterball or I'd hit just one or two pins.

That’s how bad I was doing.

I had been the laughing stock of everybody I used to be using.

Hell, I used to be even poking fun at myself.

But I finally got tired of this laughter enough where I said internally “I’m going to win the bingo, even though I will be way behind everyone else inside the game”.

That instant alteration of attitude paid off.

The people who were around were amazed.

I started beating other people and also by get rid of the overall game I had been in second place.

I was then congratulated

I carried that winning attitude beside me in to the next game and, because of this, I used to be the winner.

I don’t mean to brag but incredible such a alternation in attitude are capable of doing, eh?

Here's another illustration of how powerful of a tool self belief and confidence really is.

I went along to a singing seminar that was taught by Edwin Coppard, the voice coach of Anthony Robbins, T. Harv Eker and other well-known names.

During his seminar, he asked what number of us thought that we sucked at singing.

Lots of people within the room, especially myself, raised their hands.

I definitely felt in this way because my voice was husky, I didn’t have adequate range, I might easily run out of breath etc etc.

Then he asked everyone at the seminar to acquire up and, being a group, sing music together.

We sang this song so we sang our hearts out so when I used to be doing this, out came this powerful singing voice of mine i had not been aware of before.

It was also the case with lots of other folks inside the room.

Mr. Coppard then said that we B.S.ed ourselves into thinking i was bad singers because he heard the ability that lied within everyone’s voices.self belief and confidence

As a result I discovered that most likely you will be a good singer just by believing in yourself and never care about the other people might think concerning your voice.

Obviously there is such thing as vocal and breathing exercises and whatnot but that’s an alternative story.

The point I will be trying to get at here is the power self belief and confidence is important if you wish to really really reach your goals in life.

While i are already taught at seminars “success is 80% attitude and 20% aptitude”.

It does make sense.

For example, I've even been told by people who they estimate that I will be a total success.

This really is all simply because they saw my positive attitude.

After all, you think people would still have the very same way who had the attitude of somebody who thought “I wanna’ try this understanding that in life and find out how I go. Hopefully I will allow it to be however, if not i then guess that’s just misfortune for me because some individuals can’t succeed in life”?

Could you think people could have faith in people that have a wishy-washy attitude?

Of course not because why are they going to rely on somebody that doesn’t rely on themselves?

If you feel that you really can get to where you wish to be in everyday life, you will.

Self belief and Confidence

Like i said previously, self belief and confidence isn’t the be all and end all.

After all you can’t succeed all the time by simply only believing in yourself.

However, if you a minimum of had that winning attitude as a foundation to other positive attitudes which help you move forward in your life, this will require that you simply long way.

So ignore the negative and unsupportive stuff others might say about yourself.

If you start believing in yourself and find out ways you can get there, you will then be fine.

It could take a bit of experimentation but believe and, should you, you're going to get there.

To paraphrase T. Harv Eker “don’t get ready, then aim and fire. Prepare yourself, fire and then aim”.


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