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I have been playing the guitar since I was about twelve years old. I play the guitar mainly, but I have played many different interments.I would say the reason I play music, besides the fact that music is all around us and a big part of our lives.., is that almost everyone in my family plays music. My mom has a degree in music composition, one of my uncles is a high school brand director, my other uncle plays the French horn, my grandpa plays the keys, one of my cousins plays tuba, and another one of my cousins plays piano. Music is a big part of my life ,and I’m very grateful for the good times and good friends music has brought into my life.


I like to experiment in all kinds of different genres, so most of my songs differ greatly from one another.


I use Ableton live, FL Studio 10, Jackson & Fender guitars, M-Audio Axiom 25, M-Audio Fast tracks, Digitech RP500, Marshall Amplification, and an AMD pc I built running Windows 7 X64.

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