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Who We Are and What We Do

The Siauliai Uyezd Research Group of LitvakSIG is a not-for-profit group chartered with obtaining records from all shtetls (towns) in the Siauliai Uyezd (district) of Kaunas Gubernia (region) of Lithuania. This includes the town of Siauliai itself as well as records that pertain to the entire Uyezd. We acquire copies of records, translate and database them, and distribute the data to our group. If it is not possible to actually acquire copies of the records, we arrange for a translator to manually transcribe the data for us.

We are researching our ancestors who may have come from any shtetl in Sauliai Uyezd and have joined together to make the most of our shared resources. Since many of our ancestors lived in one place but worked, were officially registered, or had relatives in another place nearby, it is only by researching on the broader geographic scale of the uyezd that one can be sure where a family was really "from" and that one has searched thoroughly. 

We do NOT do private research for individuals.

Shtetls in Siauliai Uyezd

Akmene, Baisogala, Gruzdziai, Joniskis, Juodeikiai, Klykoliai, Kriukai, Kursenai, Kurtuvenai, Laizuva, Leckava, Luoke, Lygumai, Mazeikiai, Mazeliai, Padubysys, Palonai, Papile, Pasusvys, Pasvitinys, Pociuneliai, Radviliskis,  Saukenai, Saukotas, Seduva, Siaulenai, Siauliai, Tryskiai, Uzventis, Vaiguva, Vegeriai, Vieksniai, Zagare

Our History

The Siauliai District Research Group was established in 1998 shortly after the founding of LitvakSIG. Our first distribution was in December 1998 and to date we have distributed over 60,000 lines of data from the records we have collected. Each line of data is an instance of a person or family on a record. Every shtetl for which there are extant records is represented in our collection.

Our Sources

We have primarily focused on obtaining records from the Kaunas Regional Archives (KRA) and the Lithuanian Archives in Vilnius (LVIA). We are constantly trying to identify records at other repositories.

Access to our DATA

Our group's data is available in Excel format. The spreadsheet allows the researcher to carry out various data sorts which are a useful tool in identifying family members. Our group data is not made publicly available in the LitvakSIG All Lithuania Database (ALD) for at least 18 months after translation.

How to Join

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Site Rules

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