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Featured pictures


Thank you for viewing my photography web page.  I am a photography enthusiast who enjoys taking photos of all types.   Most of my photography is of events, either dance recitals or Tae Kwon Do tournaments and belt tests.  However, I do portrait work as well.  I hope you enjoy the images collected here.

The Dance photography is under the Pictures & Videos' tab.

Urban Ballerina

Warming up


Eric White and Bridget Kuhn

Cinderella 2012

Jared Matthews

Karina Gonzalez and Jared Matthews

Ballet Center of Houston Spring Recital 2011

Romeo and Juliet

Ballet Center of Houston: Spring Recital 2011

Ballet Center of Houston Spring Recital 2011


Recent activity

Photo journal

50 Head Shots for HRB

Once again this year (2012) I was given the opportunity to do the head shots for the company of the Houston Repertoire Ballet.  This year we had 50 company members.  Near the top of the page is a highlight from that shoot.  I think I just about have this down.

Spontaneous Headshot!

Sometimes you see something you need to shoot.. so permission requested.. three frames later in shade on a sunny day with diffused light coming from an a overlying fabric... see below.

Senior Shoot with my Nephew!

Had a great opportunity to shoot some pictures with my recently graduated Nephew.  He is now off to art school.  Congrats!  See picture below!


Shot the dress rehearsal for HRB's production of Cinderella.  Thousands of images... hoping for a couple of killer keepers.  Great show dancers!!

On site environmental portrait!

I've watched David Hobby and Joe McNally drag all of their equipment out to take an environmental protrait using speedlights and some modifiers, so I thought I'd like to give it a shot!  A couple of the Senior Company dancers needed a shot of themselves in a ballet position called Arabesque.  I wanted to use an new light modifier from Wescott; a 7 ft parabolic silver umbrella as the main light.   It served very well with 2 SB-800's as the light source (TTL using Nikon's CLS).   The kicker light (a photoflex small soft box with grid and an SB-800) was set opposite and slightly behind the dancer.  Finally for on axis fill, the on camera (Nikon D3s) flash (SB-900) was set not only as the controller but also TTL and was fired backward into a Photoflex 39x72in light panel.  The meter was set to center weighted and the reading was taken TTL.  The camera was set to Manual (f8@1/125th).  The results were excellent (see above Arabesque!).   The real lesson learned came when the Ballet Mistress took a look at the photos.  Suddenly my well planned lighting and technical prethought turned into a series of one is this one.  Wow, I thought they all looked good.  So my take home on this on is don't take pics of dancers without the aid of a professional dancer/instructor.   Ballet is about precision of movement and position and minor changes in body/hand /foot position turn perfection into ..well.. not perfection. 

Photography of Dance Flickr page

I have created a Flickr page to display all of the images I took over the last week of the dress rehearsals for the Nutcracker 2011.  Please feel free to comment and favorite the photos.  If you click on  the photos there is a magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner.  If you click this, on the next page you will see a link to "View all sizes"  When you click on this you will have the option of downloading the image.  You can find the link here

Shooting with the Sound Blimp

I can do that with one hand tied behind my back....  Or maybe it just feels that way!  The picture of Karina and Jared on this page might suggest that all went well.  The unit was large and cumbersome but I was able to get a few good photos.  Lot's of fun.  Hope to do it again soon!

Quiet Please!!

How do you get photos of professional dancers when they do not attend the dress rehearsal..... Enter the Aqua Tech 1042 Sound Blimp for the Nikon D3S.  With the sound proof enclosure and the lens tube, I can take images during a performance in the audience without disturbing the patrons (much).   So if you see me during the perfomance  of the Nutcracker in December with a camera which appears larger than life, you will know I am capturing images that you could only  dream of obtaining without the help of the sound blimp.

40+ Headshots!

Just finished editing the 43 headshots for the program for the Houston Repertoire Ballet's 2011 production of The Nutcracker.  Quite a collection of incredibly talented young dancers!  Good luck to the dancers and I hope you like your picture!

High Tech upgrade!

Can you be 2 places at one time?  Last spring at the HRB spring show, I had my daughter take pictures with a tripod mounted Nikon D700 with a cable release.  Unfortunately, for the Nutcracker, she will be performing, so I don't have a 2nd shooter to get the "wide shots".  Enter the PocketWizard Plus II.  With these radio transmitters and a special cable, I will be able to fire the D700 with my Nikon D3s, so every time I take a close up, I will have a corresponding wide shot.  Hopefully this will give me the opportunity to focus on individual performers and still take shots of the formations.

Photography of Dance

One of the most difficult subjects to photograph is dance and other performing arts.  The challenges are related to low light and fast moving subjects.  The solution is Fast Glass and high performance DSLR cameras with high ISO capabilities.


Here is a link to one of the best articles on the subject written by Stephen J. Herzberg of PrairieFire Productions.

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Yuriko Kajiya

Jared Matthews

Karina Gonzalez

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Senior Photoshoot 2012

Spontaneous Headshot!

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