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Welcome to the Sun City Blades Figure Skating Club site

This is the central place of communication for the Sun City Blades Figure Skating Club in El Paso, Texas! Sun City Blades is a Texas non-profit organization. We offer programs for all ages and all levels of ability. The Sun City Blades (SCB) offers a Skate School for students learning how to skate and a Club Team for recreational and competitive skaters. On this site, you'll find skate school information such as schedule and pricing and Sun City Blades club team member information such as practice ice schedules.

We skate at the El Paso County Events Center ice rink at 4100 E. Paisano Dr., El Paso, TX, on the grounds of the El Paso County Coliseum


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Sun City Blades Summer Skating at Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs

Figure skaters are like snowbirds; but instead of migrating away from cold weather, they fly toward it! So, when the El Paso Events Center ice rink closes for the summer, Sun City Blades skaters train wherever a rink can be found, California, Utah and above in this picture, Colorado. Sun City Blades Skaters (left to right-Bryce and Daneel) take a break at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO, to say hello to Coach Tom Zakrajsek (far right) who taught a workshop for the Sun City Blades last spring in El Paso. With them is Max Aaron (center), Coach Zakrajsek's student, who is the 2013 U.S. Figure Skating National Champion. Coach Zakrajsek told SCB skaters at the workshop that Aaron is one of the hardest working skaters he knows. During a typical 45-minute on ice training session, he doesn't stop for water breaks or to blow his nose (which we skaters all know can happen in the cold rinks!) He just keeps going. He can hydrate afterwards, and sometimes it's OK to wipe your nose on your sleeve if you're working too hard to stop!! Aaron and Coach Zakrajsek are decorated with good luck chocolate Olympic medals brought from Russia this summer by Sun City Blades Coach, Anna Tarassova. Aaron scored a personal best in his freeskate at the 2014 U.S. Nationals, placing 3rd overall Keep going Max! Believe! Faster, Higher Stronger!

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Top left: Andrei Tioumentsev (Sun City Blades Figure Skating Club team members May 2013 at El Paso Events Center home rink)
Top middle: Andrei Tioumentsev (skater practicing at El Paso Events Center)
Top right: Andrei Tioumentsev (skater practicing in competition costume at El Paso Events center)
Right column top:
Anna Tarassova (skaters and coach at Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO)
Right column bottom: Judy Castro (skater performing competition artistic program in Santa Fe, NM)

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