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Taro Security & Purity Task Force

Welcome to the website for the Hawai'i Taro Security & Purity Task Forces! Here you'll find the latest news about our group, current activities, and upcoming events. Visit us regularly to see what we're up to.


KITV: Hundreds participate in poi awareness event


HFUU - Is the Hawaiian Agricultural Renaissance Dream or Reality?

Recap of the Hawaii Farmers Union United-sponsored Food Summit at the Hawaiʻi State Capitol on January 7, 2014. Link: http://www.civilbeat.com/voices/2014/01/17/20931-is-the-hawaiian-agricultural-renaissance-dream-or-reality/

FAO study profiles benefits of school feeding programmes linked to family farms

An article from the world Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) about the value of small family farms to schools and children's health. The very same opportunities and benefits can be realized here in Hawai'i as in other parts of the world!


Legislature Uproots Taro Bills

Informational piece re-capping the 2013 legislative session for the taro task force's taro-related bills and future goals.


Waimanalo Taro Field Day - Photos via UH CTAHR Flickr


Waimanalo Taro Field Day - Photos via Star Advertiser


Waimanalo Taro Field Day - KITV

A surprisingly large turnout for the Waimanalo Taro Field day - over 250 people, from an expected 60! Another indication that the demand for taro is growing in our community. Mahalo nui to UH CTAHR, God's Country Waimanalo, Hui Malama O Ke Kai, and many others for making this educational event possible.


Hawaii Legislature blog - taro task force briefing 2013


East Maui Taro Festival & The Queen's Challenge Contest Winners



The Agricultural Resource Management Division (ARMD) is accepting applications to negotiate for ag leases. For more information, please visit: http://hdoa.hawaii.gov/blog/main/ag-park-lease-negotiations-open-on-oahu-and-hawaii-island/

East Maui Taro Festival and The Queen's Challenge

Aloha mai na mahi'ai kalo!

The Taro Security and Purity Task Force will be hosting the first neighbor island Queen's Challenge taro contest this year on Saturday, April 20th, 2013 at the East Maui Taro Festival.


A $500 prize will be awarded to growers of Hawaiian varieties of kalo from wetland and dryland cultivation based on a set of criteria that judges both size/weight and quality. Only Maui taro growers are eligible for this Challenge.


See the attached flyers and additional information for a description of the contest and entrance rules. Please read carefully for qualifying kalo varieties. Subsistance and commercial growers are all encouraged to submit entries.


If you have any questions, taro task force members (in the cc line of the email) on Maui include Nameaaea Hoshino (West Maui), Lyn Scott (East Maui) and Penny Levin (Hawaiian taro varieties collections).

20130204 Queens Challenge East Maui.pdf
20130204 The Queen's Challenge.pdf

New Member Sought for Taro Task Force from Kaua'i Island

The Taro Security and Purity Task Force is seeking one (1) applicant to fill the seat for Kaua'i Island interested in working collaboratively for the common goal of helping kalo (taro) to thrive once again.

Kalo, a crop plant sacred to Native Hawaiians, has been heavily impacted by pests and diseases, flooding, drought, lack of stream water, land, and a new generation of growers. Since 2010, the aim of the task force has been to bring together taro stakeholder groups and potential partners, including taro farmers, Native Hawaiians, agencies and scientists, to implement the recommendations of its 2010 Report to the Legislature.
The task force includes two farmers from Kaua'i, O'ahu, Maui, Moloka'i and the Big Island, one taro farmer from Lana’i, as well as one representative from OHA, the State Department of Land and Natural Resources, the State Department of Agriculture, the University of Hawai'i, the Hawai'i Farm Bureau Federation, Onipa’a Na Hui Kalo, a statewide organization of taro farmers, and a representative for the taro collections and botanical gardens. 
One seat is open for Kaua'i.  Interested applicants must meet the following qualifications:
  1. Actively growing taro on the island they seek to represent; 
  2. Have a minimum of three years experience in taro production; and, 
  3. Be capable participating in task force activities, including traveling to other islands to attend regular meetings and sharing information throughout the taro farming communities of their island.  
The task force will select the best qualified applicants to serve as representatives. Member travel for kalo farmer representatives will be covered by a grant from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.  
Applications must include the applicant’s full name, address and contact information, a brief description of their fulfillment of the required qualifications, what they believe they will be able to contribute to the task force, and a short list of what they believe are the most important problems facing kalo.  Please submit applications to the Taro Security and Purity Task Force c/o E kupaku ka ‘aina, 224 Ainahou Place, Wailuku, HI 96793 or by email to ekupaku@gmail.com by April 30, 2012.  For more information contact Hiʻilani Shibata 808-371-0452 or tarotaskforceHI@gmail.com.
The Taro Security and Purity Task Force was created by Act 211, Session Laws of Hawaii in July 2008.

Upcoming events


Taro Security and Purity Task Force 2010 Legislative Report


FINAL-TSPTF-2014-legislative-report_&_report card.pdf

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