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We currently have 6 rescue dogs (and 2 non-rescues) who compete in various performance events. This site is dedicated to our rescue dogs who are striving to prove everyone deserves a second chance.


Chesapeake Dockdogs Bark In The Park

October 2-3,2010 Chesapeake Dock Dogs hosted their annual Dockdiving competition at the Chesapeake Bark in The Park. Rebel and Renee' competed in EV and Rebel is still having trouble grabbing the EV bumper in competition (even though he grabbed 4 inches higher in practice). Sunday, was chilly and rainy but Tiger and Rebel still showed they could compete in any weather conditions. Rebel jumped a 15'02 and Tiger jumped a 15'03 respectively. Then I handed the reigns over to two Junior handlers, Kristen and Megan Nordwig. Megan and Rebel jumped 8'09 for a first place in the novice division, while Kristen and Tiger jumped a 7'11 which was good enough for third in the novice division. Despite the weather, we had a fun time and cannot wait for next year.

Rebel and Cali are Canine Good Citizens

The Virginia Beach Kennel Club hosted an All Breed conformation fun match, along with CGC testing and Rebel and Cali both participated in the CGC test. Cali and Rebel both passed with flying colors. We couldn't be more proud of them!

Teamworks Splash Dogs July 18, 2010

Cali and Rebel represented Team Second Chance well in our first ever splash dogs event in youngsville, NC. The temp was around 100 degrees which made Cali have no problem getting into that water. Cali doubled her personal best jumping an 11'08 and placing 10th in the open finals. Rebel jumped a 17'08 and placed first in the open finals. We really enjoyed splash dogs and cannot wait to come back in august.

Three Rivers Dockdogs June 18-20,2010

Tiger and Rebel Represented Team Second Chance in Wheeling, WV for the first leg in Three Rivers Dockdogs Triple Crown Challenge. There must be something in the water up there because it seemed all the dogs were jumping big. Rebel who once again was recovering from torn pads jumped a weekend and new personal best of 19'06. Tiger jumped a 18'09 and is currently ranked number 1 in the veteran dog class. We look forward to comming back for the third leg of the triple crown in september.

Tidewater Dockdogs Haborfest June 13, 2010

Tiger and Rebel represented Team Second Chance in Norfolk, VA at Haborfest. Rebel was recovering from torn pads but still jumped a weekend best of 18'06 putting him in the Semipro Finals, where he placed 8th overall. Tiger jumped a weekend best of 16'09 putting him in the amature finals, where he placed first. Tiger also recieved first place for veteran dogs.

Tidewater Dockdogs Paws for a Cause May 16, 2010

Rebel, Cali and Hops represented Team Second Chance in Newport News, VA for Tidewater DockDog's first event. Rebel jumped a weekend best of 16'02 and Cali who is still getting over her fear of water jumped a 4'06. Hops enjoyed socializing and cheering on his teammates.

Carealot Dockdogs April 30-May 2 2010

Team Second Chance was in full force at the Carealot Pet Supply Dockdogs competition. Even trouble came out of retirement to play.

Cali is getting over a fear of cold water but she jumped, even if it was small, her best of the weekend was 4'08.

Trouble jumped a weekend best of 6'11 not bad for my 11 year old girl.

Tiger jumped a weekend best of 17'10 which seeded him number 1 in the amature finals and number 2 in the veteran dog rankings. Tiger finished 8th in the Amature Dog Finals with a jump score of 16'08. Tiger also got a 8.910 in Speed Retrieve.

Rebel jumped a weekend best of 18'02 in best air, 8.030 in speed retrieve and grabbed 5'04 in EV.

We were very proud of all our dogs this weekend and we can't wait to see the huge improvements they're going to make this year.

Tails Up Agility NADAC Trail April 10-11, 2010

Rebel competed at the Tails Up NADAC Agility trial in Chesapeake, VA. It was his first ever agility trial and he recieved his first Q in tunnelers with a 4th place. Rebel has only been doing agility for 3 months, keep your eye on this boy as we expect great things :)

Welcome to Team Second Chance Hops!

Hops is the newest member to Team Second Chance and unlike his predecsors Hops is NOT a rescue dog, although we don't love him any less :) Hops is a Tri Color Male Papillion. We are expecting great things from him. In the agility, rally and flyball rings.. we are hoping he'll try dock diving but he'll have to get over his fear of water first. Please keep checking Hops page often for updates on his progress.

NADAC Agility- Tails Up Agility Trial Feb. 28, 2010

Secret competed in her first agility trial. She started the day off with zoomies and a lot ring stress, by her final run she looked like a pro. We look forward to seeing what she does in agility with a little more training.

Dockdogs Charleston, SC

It hasn't snowed in almost 10 years and the weekend we go to Charleston they get 3 inches! I think we brought the snow with us :) nevertheless the pups had a blast.

Since the cold water in Washington, NC has seemed to freak out Cali, we didn't jump her. I did let her go down the ramp a few times and we let her up on the dock to watch Rebel jump.. She definitely is still interested. We worked on more obedience and toy drive near the dock.. We also socialized her around different things. By the end of the weekend she was even playing with a few new doggie friends.

Rebel had a great weekend. Danny and Rebel completed there Senior Jumper and Express Speed Retrieve titles. On Friday, Rebel jumped a 16'01 in Wave one which was good enough for a 4th place. He then went on to jump a 16'06 (3rd place) and got a 9.264 in Speed Retrieve (2nd place). On Saturday, he jumped 18'01 (1st place) in wave #6, and grabbed at 5'2 in EV for a 3rd place finish. This was Danny and Rebel's first EV appearance but it won't be there last. On Sunday, Rebel jumped a 16'03 (5th place) and a 15'01 (8th place) and got a 8.759 in Speed Retrieve (2nd place). Rebel finished 9th in Iron Dog with a score of 2665.20.

Dockdogs Washington, NC

It was a very cold weekend in Washington, NC but as always the people and dogs were great. It was Rebel and Danny's first time back on the dock together in almost a year. The water temp was 38 degrees and the dock was iced up but that didn't stop Rebel and Danny.

Rebel jumped a 13'11 in big air wave 8 earning him a Second Place in the junior division and his 1st Q towards his National Junior Jumper title, a 12'00 in big air wave 9 earning him his 2nd Q towards his Junior Jumper title, and a 8.879 in speed retrieve 3 earning him Second Place in Speed Retrieve in the Express Division and his 2nd Q towards his Express National title.

Cali jumped off the dock in practice but decided 38 degree water was not for swimming in so she practiced Rally Obedience and toy drive while Rebel jumped.

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