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03/29/2014 - It was a rain soaked fund-raiser but the few and the hard core showed up anyway.  Take that bad weather!!  We even had a bon fire!  Two games of king of the hill, a four way war, push, squirrel and more.  Alpha vs Bravo.  I don't know who won or lost but I know some people went home and slept hard Saturday night.  Thanks everyone who attended.  We raised $370 for Yes-On-One.  It may not seem like much, but to put that into perspective that is 250 yard signs.  You make a difference.  Go Team TAO!!  Pictures on FB and on the Pictures page.


01/18/2014 - 70 players, 6 hours, 7 games, 1 bonfire.  We had a great day today Team TAO. Over 70 players were on the field at one point. Two Modern Warfare II themed games in the AM. Our new "Domination" and "Zombie" games. Then classic King of the Hill. I don't know about you but I had a blast.  Go Team TAO!!

11/08/2013 - Our next game is Saturday, Nov 23rd, 9am to 4pm at Bad Karma Airsoft field. This is our annual team based Tournament game. We need people to sign up so that we have a good head count. To sign up for a team send an email to taoairsoft@gmail.com. Play is free and open to all homeschoolers. Under 12 require a parent to be present at the field. If you have questions email taoairsoft@gmail.com.  Looking forward to a great fall game.  Go Team TAO!!


10/25/2013 - Todays TAO airsoft game was AWESOME! We had over 50 players. We played 7 games. Bravo team won the four way king of the hill with Alpha and Delta teams tied for second. Alpha/Charlie ran away with the 5 flag capture. Gold Rush was an A team victory and Bravo/Delta nearly got the flag to the first enemy respawn in "The Push" but we had to call it on time. I think they would have won it though. Overall - a great day! Good job Team TAO!

04/13/2013 - Had a great game Saturday. Over 70 on the field. Played 9 games. British against the IRA. Games 1&2 the Brits got their knickers kicked when the IRA planted the "da bomb" and killed the Juggernaut Prince. Games 3&4 the Brits rallied and stormed Free Derry, pushing the IRA back to the motherland both games. Multiple games of "King of the Hill" (speed capture the fort) took us to the end of the day (4pm). Many stayed on through two "OK Corral" games and a final King of the Hill at VC. You are an awesome group to behold! Our next game is May 11th - 9am to 4pm.  Go to the pictures section for pics of the Jan and April games.


12/1/2012 - Over 60 people attended the first of our Winter Games series.  Stalemate in game 1 "Mission Naughty or Nice".  Game 2- the "Terminators" achieved "Christmas Spirit" with 14 ornaments hung on their base.  "Wolverines" ruled game 3 as Santa was stopped in his reindeer tracks!  We played many other games and had a blast.  Great day Team TAO!


9/29/2012 - Today we played the first of our "Red Rising" series.  We had over 50 players on the field again!  We had three innovative "scenario" games plus some new skirmish games.  "Assassin" was my personal favorite.  I've noticed many of our players are investing in their equipment - and we saw some pretty nice stuff at the field!  We had probably 10 brand new players and quite a few Dads as well.  Did you know TAO now has over 180 members?  Thanks to everyone for spreading the word and thanks for a great series start. 


5/28/2012 - We wrapped up our Spring game series this week with over 50 players on the field.  Way to go Team TAO!  We established core team and our second game with squad leader radios went into the books.  Using our funds from the last game we have ordered a 4 port charger and also new radios for core team.  See you all at our next game June 22 and June 23 (yes two days).


3/7/2012 - We have the next 3 game dates booked at Bad Karma.  They are March 30th, April 27th, and May 25th.  All Fridays but that's what we could get.  Let's have a great game series leading into Summer.  See you there!!


1/10/2012 - Thanks everyone for making the final games of the 2011 season super duper!  Two days of Operation Russian Front - over 20 players Friday and almost 40 on Saturday.  We played 14 intense games over the series!!  Way to go Team TAO.  We have posted pictures from both here both days here.


12/10/2011 - WOW - we had tree snipers at todays game!  That was totally awesome!  Good game Team TAO.  You continue to impress and amaze!  If you have any pictures from the Nov or Dec games - Please Share!!  Upload any photos if you have them here.


Team TAO Chat

Reaper service
Hello I'm a member of the team and my brother and I are trying to start a business and we are starting small with airsoft gun repairs and upgrades and I'm wondering if we could get a list of the  team members names and email addresses so we can offer the service to them.

Re: Buying and Selling

I'm often asked about where TAO buys its guns and how much we pay.  TAO rarely buys a gun full price.  We get most of our deals off of ebay.  What you can do with ebay is start by window shopping at your favorite sites for guns and brands that you like.  Get familiar with them.  Know what they look like.  Different brands of guns will mark their guns with unique logos and features.  Then when you go to ebay browse the "electric->rifle" section.  Ebay let's you filter by "used" and "parts or not working".  "New Other" is another good filter.  What you want to look for are people who mislabel their weapons.  We got a GREAT deal on an ICS MP5 recently that was just labeled "M5".  The ICS box does say M5 but M5 is not an actual gun type - so nobody searches on this.  As a result their gun was not getting views or bids.  We got the full metal MP5 for 75 after shipping.  Another example was a 300 full metal dollar SIG 552 that sold for 61 bucks.  In the SIG 552 case - the sig is not a popular gun but the ICS version of this gun is VERY NICE.  It was not mislabeled - it is just not a model people seek out.


Another tactic we employ is we "snipe" the auctions.  Sniping is where you do not bid until the last minute.  This keeps you out of a bidding war and helps keep the price low.  Often it is just you and one other person bidding up a gun.  A web site to use for this is "ESnipe.com".  It automatically submits a "snipe" bid in the last 6 seconds of the auction.  This leaves no time for the other bidder to counter bid.  So - decide on your max price - and put it into ESnipe. 


Craigslist can be a good source of getting weapons - but we find that the great majority of Craigslist guns are way overpriced custom jobs from savvy airsofters.  If you do find a good deal on craigslist - be ready to buy it immediately and have cash.  We recently bought a JG MP5 off of craigslist for 40 bucks - but I found it the day he posted it and I drove to Antioch with cash in hand the same day to get it.  Good deals are rarer on Craigslist and they go FAST!


One final tactic we employ.  Buy it broken.  You will notice TAO has almost all MP5 and AK47 rental guns.  We do this because we are familiar with tearing down and rebuilding these guns.  The most recent Ebay MP5 we bought was in the "For Parts or Not Working" category on Ebay and the seller said the magazine was broken.  We got the gun for 45 dollars.  When we received it it was indeed not feeding.  We tore the gun down and it turned out to have a broken Tappet Plate (this is the part in the gearbox that moves the air nozzle back just prior to the air nozzle allowing the BB's to feed into the hop up).  It was a 10 dollar part that was an easy fix.


Hope those things help.  Get to know the guns you are interested in and do a LOT of window shopping.  A GREAT deal shows up on Ebay a few times a week and the smart shopper can snag them.


Good luck!

MP5 Mystery Fix
We fixed several of our MP5s this past week.  The MP5 has it's motor in the handle of the gun - and it is removable by taking off the plate on the bottom of the gun grip.  The gun would just click when we pulled the trigger.  So we unscrewed the plate on the gun grip - and left the wires attached.  Interestingly the motor spun just fine.  Took the entire thing apart (relubed the gearbox while we were at it) - nothing amiss.  Put it all back together and it fired.  What?!?!  So we played with the motor adjustment on the handle of the MP5 (little screw in the middle of the plate on the bottom of the grip).  What did we find?  Tight it down a bit - it wouldn't do anything.  Loosen it too much - it just clicked.  Tighten it to its sweet spot - fired like a champ!!  Just thought I'd share that.  We adjusted another misfiring gun this week and it was the same problem.  Misaligned motors can make the gun seem like it's not working - but it's a super easy fix for the MP5.
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Become a TAO Member

To join TAO simply follow the instructions below:


1. Join the Shutterfly site by clicking the "Sign Up" link at the top right of the page.

2. Make sure you are signed into your Shutterfly account.

3. Click the "Ask to become a member" link at the top right of the Team TAO Home page.


Your request will be emailed to the site administrator. 

If you have problems signing up - call Charlie @ 615-867-4034 for help. 

About Team TAO

TAO is an airsoft club that holds regular airsoft events for its members.   We are a Christian group and our games reflect that.  We currently have over 230 members, mostly home schoolers.  We host monthly games at the Bad Karma Airsoft field near Lebanon.  Bad Karma is the third largest airsoft field in the United States.  In addition, TAO has a supply of club guns and masks for rental.  Read the "Become a TAO Member" section for instructions on applying for membership to TAO.

See our "Upcoming Events" Calendar for scheduled games.  Home Schoolers 12 and up are invited to all of our scheduled games, but to participate you must provide a signed release form (see bottom of this page for a map and a printable release form).  Under 12 must have a parent present to play.  We provide gun rentals but those must be reserved.  Most players have automatic AEG style weapons in the 250 to 400 fps range.  See the game rules page for more information.

Team TAO

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Operation Stuxnet Sept 2011

How to Get to Bad Karma Airsoft Field

Take the Race Track Exit off of 840.

Release Form

Updated 2013 Bad Karma Waiver

This is the updated 2013 Bad Karma Waiver.  We need all 2013 players to fill this out.  There is a section to make this a single use or open ended waiver - sign the open ended section if you plan to come to multiple games.

Birthdays and Corporate Events

Let TAO host your next Birthday or Corporate Event.  TAO can accomodate up to 15 players with guns, goggles, and ammo for a half or full day of airsoft action.  Choose from our list of game scenarios and TAO will reserve the field, organize the games, referee, provide props, and light lunch.  Prices per person or per group.  Call for more info - 615-397-2423.

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