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To promote health and fitness through the sport of triathlon by providing professional training, information sharing and peer support in a fun, social environment.  To share our enthusiasm for multi-sport racing with persons of all ages and athletic abilities in the Northern Virginia area.

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2014 Membership

We offer two different levels of membership both of which are on a calendar year of Jan1-Dec 31. 

 1)  Racing Team - to be part of the racing team you must be able to commit to the following:

 ·     Coached by a TPR approved coach (10 Month coaching requirement )

·     Attend team training sessions  

·     Purchase team kit (kit includes race uniform and training uniform)  

·     Race in TRP kit (shorts and top)  

·     Train in Team kit at team training sessions  

·     Participate in 5 approved events and volunteer at one approved event  

·     Team commitment is 1yr Jan 1-Dec 31 Late commitment is Jan 31 late fee of $75  

·     Loyalty to sponsors is strongly suggested  

·     Attend quarterly meeting 2nd Thursday of the QT  

·     Attend yearly TPR meeting (Jan 23 @7p)  

·     Sign code of conduct

  Perks with Team

·     Clothing Allowance $50  

·     Discounted Coaching Team Level  

·     Continuous discount with Bicycle Outfitters and special racing perks

·     Race day support provided at selected events  

·     Free registration to Red Hot Triathlon  

·     Discount with sponsors


2)  Club: - to be part of the club you must meet the following:


·     Optional coaching by TPR coach  

·     Club commitment is 1yr Jan 1-Dec 31

·    Suggested attendance at annual TPR meeting (Jan 23 @ 7p)   

·     Participate in at least 2 races during the year and volunteer at one approved event

·    Race in TPR kit in triathlons (suggested for all run or bike races) 

·    Loyalty to sponsors is strongly suggested  

·     Sign code of conduct

  Perks with Club: 

·   Discount at Bicycle Outfitters is available at TPR events after 3mos of active membership (attends group training evens and/or classes)

·   Discounted Coaching Club Level

·   Race day support provided at selected events

·   Discount with sponsors

What do we do?

We train, race, and hang out together.  Whether your training for a Ironman or your first spint triathlon we are here for you. 

Group Rides

Group rides are ran by our staff and members alike.  The official outside riding schedule will start in March and run through October, however we do ride year round. 

If you would like to be a bike lead please email

Group Runs

Group runs are ran by our staff and members alike.  The official outside running schedule is year round, see the calendar for lead runs. 

If you would like to be a run lead please email


Indoor swim will be held Feb 24 through May 31 at Claude Moore Park.  We also swim June, July and August at the broadlands 50 meter pool.  Then September, October, and November at Claude Moore Park. 



Membership is required to participate in any team or club activities.  You may try out classes as a non member but you will need to join the team or club to continue to participate in classes.


Solicitating members for personal training, coaching, or other services is not tolerated.  Anyone caught doing so will be removed from the team or club roster and banned from the site and all team and club activities. 

Code of Conduct

Sportsmanship and class is always expected of all members.  Any other type of behavior is grounds for removal from the team and club.

We reserve the right to add or take away a membership at anytime for any reason.

New Member Information

Welcome to Tri Performance Racing.  We are a Multi-Sport group designed to bring together people interested in triathlons, cycling, running and training in Northern Virginia. 

All levels are welcome, whether you are just starting to think about training, have raced one or two 5k's, or completed an ironman.  Tri Performance Racing is a supportive community where you can meet people with common interests and where we motivate each other to reach our goals.


Schedules & Forms

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