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2013 Courses Offered

The curriculum offers a comprehensive program that is a mixture of immersion, lectures, participant observation, and practical cultural programs to students while living and learning with and among Ethiopians. During this period, the various part of the region of the host country will become the classroom. This integrative approach will allow for structured instruction with practical opportunities that allow the students to “feel” and “taste” aspects of life in Africa, while exploring individual research interests. Students will develop skills in the areas of intercultural communication, awareness and sensitivity, as well as a deeper understanding of selected subject areas through supervised field-work, data collection and analyses. This unique cultural experience will enhance students’ intellectual development and academic experience while equipping them with skills necessary to respond to the challenges of multiculturalism and inter-cultural communications.

Three undergraduate and graduate courses will be offered: Participants must register for 6 credit hours.


ANTH 3322: Peoples and Cultures of Africa

This is a practical and theoretical introduction to the peoples and cultures of Africa. You will learn and experience aspects of African life, customs, music, food, art, politics, language, education, literature, international relations and much more.


ANTH 4380 Language, Culture and Society

This course seeks to introduce students to the fundamentals of linguistic anthropology and the use of linguistics in anthropological fieldwork through lecture, discussion and "hand on" class exercises.


ANTH 4360, ANTH 5390 - Directed Study

These will allow students to obtain general information, as well as focused study in pursuit of specialized subjects towards their degrees.

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Orientations for 2013

Meet & Greet: [February 2013]

·   During this first orientation, we will meet at the Karibu Ethiopian Restaurant (1209 E. 7th St, 78702. Phone 320-5454) in Austin.

·         We will meet with Ethiopians to learn from them about their country and obtain any general information that might interest us.

·   We will discuss ticket

·   We will choose room-mates


2nd Orientation [March, 20, 2013 @ 3pm]

We will meet with staff of Study Abroad, Txstate University Issues to be discussed will include:

·   Health and travel insurance

·   Conduct during travel


3rd Orientation [April 2013]

Final preparation for departure

·   Instructional and academic related information (course work, textbook, syllabi etc)

·   Expectations in Ethiopia,

·   Cultural programs

·   Questions, answers and review sessions

Photo credits

Thanks to Kelsey who took these pictures in June 2012

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