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In February 2004, Dr. Glendon J. Bogdon created The World's Largest Bar Towel (WLBT).  It is composed of 185 authentic bar towels sewn together.  The WLBT is 20 feet long and 9.5 feet wide maintaining the proportions of a regular bar towel. 

The bar towel at rest.

The world's largest bar towel shortly after assembly.

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Awakening the bar towel, a two person job.

Note the tender, loving care given to the bar towel. 

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The bar towel captured intact.

The world welcomes the first display of the entire bar towel.

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The person who united the separate bar towels

The rugged individual who collected, organized and sewed together the untamed separate bar towels extends his best regards to the wonderful pub owners, their employees and the breweries who generously donated the towels for the WLBT.

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Donation of The World's Largest Bar Towel (WLBT)

In April, 2004, G. J. Bogdon donated the WLBT to the Milwaukee, WI Channel 10-36 Great TV Auction. All the money from the sale of the WLBT went to support public television in Wisconsin. "It was great fun doing this and the money went to a good cause." G. J. Bogdon

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