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Flyer listing the cookie varieties - includes the new Savannah Smiles

Cookie Sales Permission Form

2012 Cookies Sales Booklet


TurningEyes  ~ FIRST AID BADGE ~ 


The girls have been great at helping plan our training event for Juniors. I just sent out the sign up and already we have, two full nights of 23 on the 17th 28 on the 22nd. I planned to stop at 24 but I know a few will not make it so I' m going over just in case our girls are split over both nights. so we need 51 patches. I have our girls split between the nights...check with me please!!!

We are getting Huge POSITIVE feedback from this event.
   Our first night was a huge success!
I think we will have to pass this info on to our service unit so it stays in play. Great job girls, we did well!

We work great together as a team! Thanks MOMS!

Rob & Stephanie ~ Very Green Girl Scout friends

We need to get back to writing...UPDATES

Our next meeting

We will be meeting at Grace Fellowship

Our girl scout Juniors troop 1360 will be planning for the Daisy ~ Brownie Social. We need to make an invite and plan games. Please bring your thinking caps. Also may be finishing our Government badge. Note BE EARLY! @ 6:30 we meet in room 130!

Looking at meeting at Grace on April 9th with another troop . Round table with a Brownie troop … More than brainstorming...keep in mind we need to nail down details!!

Our next offical Meeting @ Grace Feb 5th ~ 7:00

Please bring a creative mind to this meeting we need to think BIG! Will be a creative fun night! We will have the Supplies needed. Wear a paint shirt and be ready to share in the fun! We Need a fun night with Cookies going strong this week! Let us know how your doing!

We meet next on January 8th.

I will call the church and check on a meeting space for at least One meeting a month at the church so we can be more structured. The girls seem to listen better in that environment. Funny how that works. We will be talking cookies at our next meeting so plan to stay for the front end of meeting! Our Cooking Badge went great. We have 4 girls that were able to sleep over and work together to cook dinner...Breaded chicken  (from scratch) and french fries. We also had an awesome colorful salad with all the works. . For desert they made shakes. and Breakfast we made Pannakokens (oven Pancakes) with berries and whipped cream. Lots of fun the girls had a few reminders, thanks girls for being so respectful of our home and each other! For the girls that did not attend. If you work with your daughter on this badge, please let Katie or I know so we can get the badge once earned! P

Looking ahead.

I have heard interest of the girls wanting to get together before Christmas..
Found this idea @ Three Rivers Parks it's from 7 - 9 on the 21st ...5.00 per girl, family welcome.
Celebrate the longest night of the year with warmth, light and cheer! Explore the origins of holiday traditions in different cultures. Create a Yule log or a prayer stick. Hike or snowshoe to the prairie and "tie down" the sun. Celebrate to music and song and enjoy refreshments by a bonfire. Reservations required. PLEASE LET ME KNOW SOON ON THIS!!!
We can also talk about our sleepover food needs  ~ Please text, call or e-mail thoughts.

Were back'

We are looking forward to doing a little more planning and a little work. Please remember to bring all FAll PRODUCT SALES info for katie j. Girls we need to work with your desire this put you thinking caps on and bring along your JUNIOR book. We will meet at Shari's house again unless I send you all a note in the a.m. To meet at Grace Fellowship. See you tomarrow!


I am flying around the desk top today with minutes to spare...
so bear with me. If you are interested in Spookamaga.. Lets take  October 6th is the day we can ride together, Let see how many we have ready and able to make it. open to family's 5.00 per person. Starts around 1:00 and can go as last as 8:00 ...They have food there Hotdogs and chips so we could bring a snack or sandwiches and make a day of it. Please let me know your thoughts.

Brownies are Bridging

Girl Scout Bridging troop 13601


Calling all girls!

Please Bring yourself & your family to ~ 10849 Mississippi Drive North. Brooklyn Park ~    Please WEAR BROWNIE SASH!

Saturday, September 15  @ 4:00 P.M. we will be holding the Bridging Ceremony from Brownies to Juniors on at Shari's house. 

The troop was granted the sash's for the girls, and their Junior books, which they will receive that day, all ready to go! 


pot luck for dinner ~ everyone PLEASE respond what they would like to bring to Katie B, we will have the main dish. 


Do you have any camp chairs? Would you bring them please! They can hang out in the car and we will drag them out if needed.


Registration will also be done this evening $24


See you Saturday ~ Shari, Katie & Tracy

Wow another year is coming to an End ~

Hello all ~ I am writing with out a date in mind. Yes we are still looking forward to Duluth. Linda will attach the lists for the overnight (of things we suggest to bring) and our agenda to the site. We all need to also get together to pass out the Cookie intensives and our extra patches. We have had such a busy year I feel we still have so much yet to learn together. I hope it was a great year for all. Keep you eyes out for the next date. Also still waiting to catch up for the following year thoughts for many of the girls. Thanks for all your support as you girls have been in Girl Scouts.

Yes we are meeting tonight!

Today is Monday the 7th...Oh I do work at school..So I have just a minute before I run out the door.
Please bring your sash if you remember.
We really need all girls tonight to wrap things up.
thanks Shari

Next Meeting: Water Treatment Center Visit (April 30)

Bring you family if desired as we see the way the water is treated for our use. Check the calendar for details. You will love the tour. Bring along any thoughts about the coming weeks left of the Girl Scout  year. And ideas about cookie money. Also check out our day camp @

Parade time is coming! Any interest? Please let us know!

Summer Parades:

Kris Kavanagh (#16051) is coordinating our participation in the Tater Daze parade in Brooklyn Park. The parade is scheduled for 6:00 (line up starting at 5:15) on Thursday, June 14, 2012.

April Eisneberg (#14053) is coordinating for the Father Hennepin parade in Champlin, on Friday, June 8, 2012. The parade starts at 6:30, with line up starting around 6:00 (depending on our place).

For both parades, we would like a headcount of girls, so please let Kris and/or April know if your troop would like to participate. We also have our Service Unit banner available to use in each, as well as some cookie costumes and handouts.

Next Meeting Date - April 16

We are having a guest speaker to help us kick off our Water Quality Troop Activities, leading up to the Day of Service Project in October. Bring your thinking caps! We should also talk about what to do with cookie money (something fun!) and look ahead toward our next year...Juniors! Please bring thoughts and question along with that thinking cap :-) I did drop off our cookies that we donated to the families in need at both Champlin Park High School & Jackson Middle school . The were with very excited for the support & to be able to share cookies with the families.   Last We need all families going to FMSC may 9th  ~ to sign up! Please Check!

Monday, April 2, 2012

We're meeting again! Next Monday night we meet again at the church. We'll be wrapping up our Follow Me Girls patch, and discussing plans for next year and cookie money! We need to decide on whether Duluth is what the girls want, or something more local. We'll also be talking about uniforms for next year and SWAPS! If you haven't done so, please bring your final cookie money for Thais - thanks!

Wow what Great Weather!

Our next meeting 3 / 26 at Shari & Sammie's house planting our seeds, come any time after 6:30. Wear clothes that are O.K. to get dirty, we'll be playing in the dirt. If you have your pocket/bag with the braided handle...bring it along to finish up. and yes I have some more here We also need ALL COOKIE MONEY IN! If you have any cookies left, bring them too, the girls will be donating those to our local food shelf with there cookie money earnings. We also will talk further on our trip to Duluth & the water-park... the girls earned enough Cookie Money to go! GREAT JOB GIRLS! Hope you all had fun @ the Theater & the Great Girl Gathering @ the Mall of America.

Great Girl Gathering

The Big Event is almost here! Saturday, March 10 and Sunday, March 11 are the dates for the big celebration at the Mall of America. Girl Scouts will be taking over the mall for the weekend! We're hoping to go with our troop on Saturday - we'll talk more at Monday's meeting for details.

Next Meeting Date - March 5

Our next meeting date is this coming Monday, March 5th. The girls are continuing to work on their Follow Me Girls patch, which is part of the Girl Scout History patch program. We're so close! This Monday we will be watching an old movie on Girl Scouting - we're talking black and white old! 

Presidents Day ~ Wow we have a lot of off days to meet this year!

Hope to see everyone tonight. We will be working on the journey, reading a little into some other directions we can take the girls towards the goals of helping others and "making a difference in the world" this is part of the looking for clues to change a story.
Cookies booths are already ahead of us this coming Friday. Hope to see them go well. Hope you girls selling cookies are having a successful season! Calling family too! We have had great weather and done door to door with great results.  Thais needs to know for the Cookie booths ahead what you might not be using for your own sales. We have to pick up on Thurs to be ready for the First booth booth sales. Please bring along any questions on money and cookie returns due dates etc...for Thais tonight.

Lots to do this coming Monday Feb 6TH!

Sign Permission slips for girls selling cookies remember no selling cookies before COOKIE GO DAY ~ Feb 11th! We also have cookie booth days you may want to see what fits in your schedules :-)

We also will be collecting for the Play @ Stages  $7.50 per person.

As well as collecting for the Dance...Me & My Guy  $20.00 per couple.


Note ~ Check on t-shirt sizes ...the girls picked bright blue green Plan ahead for M.O.A.

Lets pick a date... Sat ~ vs ~ Sunday March 10th or 11th,

Looking to have parents attend for a 1 to 1 ratio…This can be worked with as well! Last keep an eye on the calendar...we  have a couple changes with the months ahead!

Me and My Guy Dance

 Hello Girl Scout Parents! As we are coming up on our annual dance quickly, I thought I should get this information out before we meet again.

The girls have attended this dance in the past years and have had lots of fun! Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested!

They would also like us to pick up tickets this Monday. We ask that the girls be responsible for this payment so we can save for a trip the girls want to do in the future.

Troop can cover initial payment to get the tickets then you can pay Tracy the money due next time we meet.

Call or e-mail soon!  See attach detail below for date & times.

Me My Dance (2).pdf

MLK no school yes there is a meeting ~ Monday January 16th

Parents please be prepared to stay at the beginning of our meeting time. We need to let Thais take the lead and talk about COOKIES! We have already been putting the numbers together for our first order. Hope the girls are ready for a great selling season!

Happy New Year!

We started out the year by working on a new patch, Follow Me Girls, which covers the history of Girl Scouting. The girls did a great job answering questions about Juliette Gordon Low, and some GS history at our last meeting (1/2/12). We'll get back to this patch at some future meetings, and do some more fun stuff like learning Morse Code! This patch also applies to the 100th Year Anniversary Patch. 

Sweetheart Dance

The Daddy-Daughter dance has changed a bit this year. It is now scheduled for February 19th. More details to follow!

Hello Again...

You will be so glad to hear that our new Leader, Linda takes meeting minutes for the Service Unit. She will be editing my thoughts, I know big job... Our hopes are you can find the info your looking for quicker... This will be your spot to look! Please do still keep in touch, I always love to hear from you all :-)


COOKIES:  Your cookies will be ready for pick up at my house Wednesday, January 30, 7 to 8:30pm.  7709 112th Ave N Champlin, 55316.  My cell # is 612-987-4379.  Call/text me with any questions.  Cookie Go Day is Saturday Feb 2nd!!  

I NEED ALL MONIES YOU HAVE COLLECTED BY Tuesday FEBRUARY 12.  (This does not mean you have to have sold all your boxes:)  I just need all the money you have collected thus far to be deposited to the bank for the ACH pilot we are a part of, they are making an automatic withdrawal from our account.  

Reminder:  Girls get incentives for boxes donated this year as well, so you just collect the money, keep a tally (DO NOT HOLD ANY BOXES), and we will donate to the troops.  $20 gets you five boxes!!  And people are always welcome to just donate money to our troop, so keep a tally of that as well.

One More thought ~ Remember the Me & My Gal Camp if people ask... what are you planning on doing with your cookie money you earn.

It's an overnight with Me * My Mom at our Girl Scout camp in Elk River!


State Capital Tour:  Tuesday, February 26th 4pm, Shari and I will pick all girls up from school, and head to Capital.  We will have snacks on the way, and then have dinner afterwards together.  Please send a note/email to teachers that day giving us permission to take your girls!  ETA back home 8:30?  All girls attending! :)  Kari let me know if you still want to go!

More Girls in our area  working for great things! Take a peek at the web site and share with your daughter!

Day Camp 2011

Q & A

Did you know you leader earned an award this year! COOL!

Shari Grundy receives Girl Scout Honor!  

Centennial Volunteer,

Girl Scouts of River Valleys Centennial celebrations are now part of history. The scale and success of River Valleys’ events could not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of many volunteers.  We saved 6,000,000 dollars in cleanup costs in efforts. This year’s annual meeting will include reflection on the 100th Anniversary events and would not be complete without official recognition of the volunteers’ many contributions.

It is my great pleasure to inform you that as a result of your personal contributions to the celebrations you have been nominated and received a GSUSA appreciation Pin , for work on Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin Valleys Centennial events.  Nomination recommendations was approved by board of Directors and recognized at the River Valleys’ Annual Meeting held this past Saturday, January 26, 2013. Highlights were noted of your…service and passion for Girl Scouting. Shari was nominated by Tiana Woitas a GSRV CTAP Regional Support staff who directly supported 50 volunteers. Tiana worked alongside Shari with her efforts to make our Rivers Bend Centennial Celebration a Huge success,

…I’ll let you read it J

From the Speaker Darby Nelson and the CEO of Girl Scouts Linda Keene to the staff and volunteers of both Champlin and Brooklyn Park it still took Girl Scouts to make this day happen. Such an honor to be recognized amongst so many volunteers such a huge event!

If you are unable to attend, other arrangements will certainly be made to get your award and gift to you.

Please accept my sincere congratulations on your receiving the GSUSA award one of GSUSA’s most prestigious awards.

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