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Welcome to the Utah Stockdog Association web site!  Entry forms, running orders, scores and other information will be posted here.  You do not have to be a Club member to access this site.  You can be a "member" of the site and receive email notifications whenever it is updated.  Please check out the message board, which provides information on services provided by members and other news of interest.  Questions?  Contact Carol at awaytome@centurylink.net

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GORING RANCH Entry status

The trial is full so no more entries are being accepted.
We had LOTS of entries.  More than we can in 4 days so, after a great deal of thought, we have decided to cancel 1 PN class.  Entries for that class will be refunded at the trial unless the handler scratches from the trial.  If you entered a nursery qualified dog in PN instead of Nursery, you can move the dog to Nursery and run 2 classes - either 1 Nursery and 1 PN, or 2 Nursery.  Please let me know if you want to make that change before April 18.  
All dogs entered in Open and Nursery will run.

We will run in this order:

Thursday:  Open 1 (1-60 dogs -- we will run at least 60 dogs and continue with the running order if we finish 60 and still have plenty of daylight).

Friday:  Open 1 (61-90);  Open 2 (1-30)  (Again, these are approximate -- we will run as many dogs as we can and start Open 2 as soon as we finish with the first class.

Saturday:  Complete Open 1.  Hopefully start the first Nursery class on Saturday.

Sunday:  Nursery 1, Pro Novice, Nursery.

Again, we are sorry that we have to cancel a class, but there was no way to get all the dogs run, even though we expect some folks to scratch.  If we have way more folks drop the trial than we expect, we will consider reinstating the class.  If you are only running a PN dog(s) and do not want to come for 1 class, I will extend the refund date for you until April 21 so we can see how many dogs we end up with after the refund date.


A map to the trial site is posted on the website.  Other information -- running orders, etc. -- will also be posted after the refund date.  

Website:  www.utahstockdog.org

Dues area due

If you haven't paid your dues for 2014 - now is the time.  I will remove members who are not current from the email list next week.
Application posted under entries.  Mail to:  3315 W 3600 S.   Heber City, UT 84032

Favorite sites

Flock-n-Paws - Training
Outrunner Dog (Eric and Mia's store)
1-touch foto (Carol's pics)
Mountain Plans Border Collie Assn.


FLOCK N PAWS:  Here at Flock N Paws we have sheep you can rent to train on your own or private lessons can be scheduled. We have a 5 acre field, an arena, and some smaller pens to train in.
We also offer boarding, day care and board and train. 
Visit our web site at Flocknpaws.com for more info or contact Shauna Gourley:  redskybcs@yahoo.com  415-488-7140  More info on the website:  www.flocknpaws.com

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