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Wreaths Across America - 2013 Chattanooga

December 14th, 2013 will mark the 22nd anniversary of Worcester Wreath Company donating Maine wreaths to adorn the headstones of our Nation’s veterans at Arlington National Cemetery. In addition to 10,000 wreaths destined for Virginia, Worcester Wreath will again donate 7 ceremonial wreaths to over 400 State, National and local cemeteries across the Country.  Last year, wreath-laying ceremonies are being coordinated in more than 20 foreign cemeteries and aboard Naval ships in all Seven Seas, and this tradition continues into 2013.


In response to the many voices who wanted to share in the project, the non-profit Wreaths Across America organization was formed (EIN: 20-8362270) to expand the program by offering supporters the opportunity to sponsor a wreath. Our goal is to one day see every veterans grave in the country covered to honor every veteran.  In 2008 we expanded once again to give even more organizations the chance to help bring our goal to fruition by providing the opportunity to fund raise for their organizations needs along with helping Wreaths Across America gather sponsorships for wreaths.


Sponsorships are $15 each.  Proceeds place a wreath at one of the participating cemeteries, help support our fundraising partners, educational and veterans services outreach.  Please note that all sponsorships are sent directly to the location and no wreaths are sent to the individuals purchasing sponsorships.


There is no stipulation for participation in these activities.  We welcome all to join us at Wreaths Across America as the organization was formed to promote and coordinate sponsorship of wreaths for the other national, state and local cemeteries that have shown a desire to emulate the Arlington wreath-laying event.  If you would like to participate or help bring sponsored wreaths to your local community, please contact us and we will help connect you with other groups already working in your area.


Join us in this effort by sponsoring one or more wreaths. When you are ready to donate, you can follow this link to go directly to a page and sponsor 1,4,10, or more wreaths, or you can download a sponsorship form.  It will include instructions on how to fill it out and submit your sponsorship. You will need to include the ID number of the sponsor group you wish to support. These numbers can be found on our "Volunteers & Sponsors" page. If you have any questions please contact the Location Leader for Chattanooga:  For more information, 1st Lt Richard Dyer, at richard@epbfi.com, or call him at 423-698-5402.

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) section is a collection of the questions we have been asked most often over the past several years. If you have a question and do not see the answer listed here, please e-mail your question(s) to: WAA@ChattanoogaCAP.com  


What is the purpose of Wreaths Across America?
Wreaths Across America’s purpose is to REMEMBER the U.S. Armed Forces personnel who have served in the past; HONOR the U.S. Armed Forces personnel who are currently serving; and to TEACH children and adults the sacrifices that have been made to keep America the great free country that it is today.

How much does it cost to sponsor a wreath(s)?
Each wreath is $15.00. You may sponsor one wreath or as many as you would like. Your $15.00 sponsorship pays for the wreath and covers some expenses the local supporting groups incur during this event.

Can businesses sponsor wreaths?
Yes. Businesses can and do sponsor wreaths. The process is the same as sponsoring an individual wreath.


Can I sponsor a wreath(s) online?
Yes. This link will take you to a secure website where your order can be completed.
In addition to your Credit Card information, you will need to know the Location ID to have the wreath(s) routed to Chattanooga National Cemetery - that ID# is TNCNCC. You will also need to know the Sponsor Group Number. The numbers for all the sponsoring groups to Chattanooga National Cemetery can be found here.


I can’t order online, can I still sponsor a wreath(s)?
Yes. You can download a sponsorship form, (located on the left side of the home page) complete it, and mail it to the address on the form or return the form and the funds for the wreath/s you want to sponsor to any of the Sponsoring Groups listed here.

How many graves are there at Chattanooga National Cemetery?
There are currently a little more than 47,000 people interred at Chattanooga National Cemetery.
There are currently about 40,686 headstones. (numbers current as of October 2010)

How many wreaths do you hope to have?
Our goal for this year is to have 2,000 wreaths. That would allow us to cover about 6% of the headstones in the cemetery this year.

Is my wreath sponsorship tax deductible?
Yes. Wreaths Across America is a 501(3)(c) organization. All funds donated for wreaths are tax deductible. Wreaths Across America’s  EIN number for tax purposes is 20-8362270.

When will I receive my sponsored wreath(s)?
All sponsored wreaths will be shipped via truck to the Location Leader. The Location Leader will be responsible for transporting all wreaths to the Chattanooga National Cemetery for placement. No sponsored wreaths will be shipped directly to the sponsoring person/business.

I would like a wreath place on a particular headstone. How can this be done?
All wreaths sponsored through Wreaths Across America will be placed in sections determined by coordination between the Cemetery Director and the Location Leader. The purpose of Wreaths Across America is to Remember and Honor ALL members of the U.S. Armed Forces - past, present, and future. As such no individual placement of sponsored wreaths is possible.
If you would like to have a wreath placed on a particular location, you can order a wreath from Worcester Wreath Company. They will not count toward the local efforts of any sponsoring group. The wreath(s) will be shipped directly to the address you provide and you will be able to place the wreath where you want it.


What do the wreaths look like?
The wreaths are approximately 20” in diameter with a red velvet bow tied on the top of the wreath. The wreaths are made with Balsom evergreen

Please - Sponsor a Wreath!

If you need to print a sponsorship form for mailing, you can download the form below.  If you want to go directly to the official website to be able to sponsor 1, 4, 10 or more wreaths on-line right now click here:  www.wreathsacrossamerica.org/store


Thank you for your support of our mission:"To remember the fallen, honor those who serve and teach our children the value of freedom”,


For more information, contact the Chattanooga Location Leader, 1st Lt Richard Dyer, at richard@epbfi.com, or call him at 423-698-5402.

Wreath Sponsorship Form - If you need to mail your check, use this form.

2013 Wreath Sponsorship Form - Group 2.doc
2013 Wreath Sponsorship Form - Group 2.doc

Why do we use Shutterfly?

Shutterfly.com is a photo sharing site, that allows our organization, as a non-profit group, to have this free website and provide information and photos of current and past events.  They allow us to do this because they hope you will order prints of some of the photographs.  We hope you will support Shutterfly by ordering prints of these photographs, and tell your friends to come and visit us at www.waaChattanooga.shutterfly.com




Please report errors or omissions to Webmaster and Public Affairs Officer: 1st Lt Larry Stewart  cap dot chatt at gmail dot com

For more information regarding Wreaths Across America in Chattanooga, contact the Chattanooga Location Leader, 1st Lt Richard Dyer, at richard@epbfi.com, or call him at 423-698-5402. 

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