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People often place trail cameras in the woods as scouting tools. These cameras can serve as a valuable resource in documenting rare or endangered animal’s existence and location in the state. Trail camera photos of rare and endangered wildlife can be sent in from any season of the year, please consider sending in any interesting off-season photos you may have taken. If you have trail camera photos of moose, Canada lynx, cougar, American marten, stone marten, wolverine, Franklin’s ground squirrel, badger, or if you have photos of an animal not normally seen in your area, (like bobcat, fisher, river otter, etc.), or an unidentified animal, please e-mail them to wildlife management. In your e-mail, please include the photo(s), the approximate date, county, and civil township of the photos. Wildlife management staff will work with others in the WDNR and try to positively identify all photos sent in.


Please review Chapter NR 45 on conduct of visitors to state lands for the protection of our natural resources.


"Structures. Except as authorized by the department, no person may construct, place, occupy or use structures or store personal property on lands subject to this chapter. This paragraph does not apply to tents or canopies which are less than 100 square feet in area or other temporary structures which are used for recreational purposes and removed by 11:00 p.m. of the day they are placed on the property."


To e-mail your photos to wildlife management click here.


For questions or comments, please contact Jay Watson or Brian Dhuey.


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