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Welcome to WilleyWay! Our Cinderella Clothing Items for Sale!

Welcome to my auction website! Here you'll find many of my daughter's Cinderella clothing for sale.  CLICK ON PICTURES AND VIDEO TAB ABOVE then click on View Album.  Make sure you view the entire album, as there are over 800 photos listed!  Most of the items are from her Cinderella Pageant closet (a non glitz program), some Tot age group clothing (4-6 years old) but mostly clothing from her Miniature Miss years (7-9 years old), and her royalty year as the Nevada State Miniature Miss at 10-11 years old.  She is growing so fast, nothing fits anymore!  WE ARE HAVING A YARD SALE THIS WEEEKEND MAY 25TH, SO THIS IS A GOOD WEEK TO MAKE OFFERS ON THE ITEMS YOU WANT.  I use a flat rate shipping box from USPS either large ($16.95), or medium ($12.35).  I accept PayPal, and I will accept a money order or cashier's check as well (must receive payment within 7 days), but cannot ship the item until the payment is received. 

If I receive more than one offer for the same item, I will accept the highest offer...so if you are willing to pay more or less than the listed price, please put that in the comment section under the first photo of an item.  If you have questions about an item, please post your question directly under the photo in the comment section.  PLEASE USE THE ACTUAL NAME OF THE PHOTO FOR EXAMPLE (willeyway128.jpg), NOT THE ALBUM PHOTO NUMBER.  The album photo numbers will change as things are sold and removed.  If an item has sold, it will say sold in the comment section under the first photo of the item.

If your Cinderella girls name is Whitney you have hit a jackpot, as I have many Customized Cinderella shirts with her name on them!

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