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Welcome (sorry for the mess, our site is under construction) NOTE: CONTACT INFO HAS CHANGED

Williamson Labradors are breeders of Fox Red American Pointing Labradors to be versatile sporting dogs and excellent companions.  We are not a commercial "kennel" operation, but an intimate family enterprise.  Our dogs are a part of our family; we have one litter per year which we raise in our home giving them constant attention. 

Both sire and dam are descendants of the Kellogg and Helm's bloodlines.  They are highly intelligent, and have been professionally trained and field tested in Iowa and South Dakota for all upland birds and waterfowl.  These labs not only possess the unsurpassed skills of pointing and retrieving, they also have the rich "Fox Red" color.

Thank you for your interest, and we hope you all have a blessed day! 

Contact Info :

Dell and Jessica Williamson - (641) 344-5336


Location - Redding, IA & Sunset Beach, NC


WR Panzer and WR Foxy Lady Puppies

11/17/2010 - WR Panzer "Tank" and WR Foxy Lady "Foxy" have had a beautiful litter of pups.  6 males, 1 female.  If you are looking for a Sporty hunter who can also be a life long companion these are the dogs for you!  They are very laid back and sweet in the house with the kids, but in the field you'd think you they were completely different dogs.  Every owner from our previous litter have said their pup was very easy to train because he/she hated to disappoint. 

Both Foxy and Tank's trainers have bred, trained, and shown German Shorthairs for a combination of 50+ years.  They have both received their first labs out of Foxy and Tank.  According to them, Tank out performed and out lasted all of the others.  Foxy became famous in Reddings, Iowa and now has many prime hunting spots named after her.  Both are extremely athletic with long legs, and streamline bodies. 


Pricing -

$600 for limited AKC registration, $1000 for full AKC registration.  We do not feel that those who want a family companion or hunting companion should have to pay as much as those who are buying a pup as an investment.  At any time the limited registration can be reversed to a full by us simply contacting AKC. 

Health guarantee -

We offer a 26 month genetic health guarantee, which states that your puppy will be free of hip and elbow dysphasia, and any CERF eye defects.  If a defect is found by a licensed veterinarian, written documentation must be given to us stating that the defect is hereditary and not caused by illness or injury.  If this be the case you may return the puppy in exchange for another puppy or a refund be given.  If the puppy is bred, sold or mistreated then this guarantee is void. 


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WR Panzer

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