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the Morale Booster committee

Heartworm season is here. Make sure your dog gets tested.


Our mission here at Waukegan Pet Clinic is to have healthy pets and happy clients. Clients are our partners in pet care; therefore, we feel client education is a high priority. We individualize treatment plans to fit what your pet needs and what you can do.

Bulletin Board

Welcome back to Dr Katarzyna (Katie) Dymek!  She has helped us out before and has returned to a part time position here.


Our morale booster committee!

Calvin, the brown tabby boy.  Loves petting (and food)

Nicholas (Nicky), the black and white boy.  Loves lap sitting.  Not so much 

   being asked to get OFF!

TC, the orange tabby boy (the "eye" cat).  Loves sitting on counter and


Camilla, Mayra's dog.  She's dog---she likes EVERYBODY!

Halle, the black female.  A little shy, but loves petting and being held.

Maddie, the huge tortie female.  More shy to strangers, but loves to be

  brushed and combed (and food).

Sammy, orange tabby cat.  Very shy, not likely to be seen.  Likes to share

  lunch with Dr S----especially ham.

Peepers, tortie female.  Very shy, not likely to be seen.  Likes to be close

  by, but not petted or held.

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Waukegan Pet Clinic 

2111 N. Lewis Avenue
Waukegan, Illinois 60087
Tel: 847-336-4447
Fax: 847-336-0580
E-mail Us: wpcoffice@comcast.net

Non-Emergency questions only.
E-Mails will be answered within 24-48 hours.
(Please call for appointments)

Monday 9:00am - 5:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 am - 5:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00am- 6:00 PM
Thursday Closed
Friday 9:00- 5:00
Saturday 9:00 - 12:00 PM


Seniors 65 years old and up!  Orphans of the Storm has cats available to adopt for $60 on Wednesdays from 11am to 5pm.  They are NOT asking you to adopt an older cat.  Call 847-945-0235


Waukegan Pet Clinic ADOPTION AVAILABLE !!!!!

Maddie is a 5 year old female spayed tortiseshell colored cat, up to date on vaccines.  She didn't do well in her former home, hiding all the time from the other cats.  She is loving with people, just doesn't like the other pets.  She would do best as as only pet.  She had bladder stones, which we have fixed.  She is a BIG gal and does need a diet (but she'd still be a big cat, even thin).  Call for info or come visit her!

Dental Month----xrays

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