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Meeting Information

The Woodland Camera Club 

meets the

THIRD  Tuesday of each Month

 at 7:15 PM. 

 Norton Hall (the Old Ag Bldg.),

70 Cottonwood Street,

 Woodland, CA


The Membership dues are

 $20 per person per year or

 $30 per couple per year.

 Anyone with an

interest in photography

 is welcome.


Sacramento, CA

Woodland, CA

Davis, CA

Yosemite Natl Park, CA

Sierra Vista, AZ

Monterey, CA

San Francisco, CA

Lee Vining, CA

Mendocino, CA

Arches Natl Park, UT

Lake Tahoe, CA

Carmel, CA

Nevada City, CA

Fort Bragg, CA

Mendocino, CA

In Association with

The Photographic Society of  America

Gold Rush Chapter

April - Prints and Doug Parks

Our April meeting is just around the corner! And the wild flowers this month are outstanding!!! I sure hope you were able to get out there and capture some of Mother Nature's beauty.

I went to Murphys this last weekend and enroute was too busy to see all the flowers. But, when one of the women I was talking to talked about the hillside of poppies, I thought - Whoa. I need to slow down and see the flowers! (No, I was not speeding, just focused on getting to my destination on time.)

This is PRINT month. We had a great showing last month and I hope that you can bring more in for us to enjoy. You can bring up to six and they should be matted or mounted so that they can be shown at their best.

This month, our feature speaker will be Doug Parks.

His bio:

Born in San Francisco in 1955, Doug has spent virtually his entire life in Northern California. He began taking pictures as a young boy with his Brownie Automatic that he took with him everywhere. He learned the appreciation and to be inspired by nature by spending time outdoors with his father through hiking, camping, hunting and fishing throughout the Sierra Nevada mountains.

In his youth Doug immersed in photography for many years by participating in the technical aspects of photography. This ranged from camera repair to printing and equipment sales. His biggest joy was explaining photography to those just entering the art and acting as a critic when asked by his customers to do so. He felt this not only made their art better, but also increased his knowledge of how to create a better photograph. “I never bore of other peoples images and feel that they add to my learning of the craft.” Doug says.

Doug then took a twenty-five year hiatus from photography to pursue a successful career in communications technology. He used this craft to connect to his customers as well as leverage it into a marketing role. Today Doug has retired from technology and he devotes his time to the passion of photography

Most of Doug’s images are in his home area of northern California where there is a wide variety of natural wonders to behold. From the shores of the Pacific Ocean to the highest peaks of the United States. However there are images from around the world, including Asia, Europe and the tropical areas Doug loves to travel to.

Never rushing to take the photo, he returns to areas many times until “things are just right”. He takes the time to understand what it was that drew his eye towards that subject before pressing the shutter release. Doug is always on the lookout for natural texture and color to capture for his “moments of time”.

Today Doug’s work can be seen through his online web site as well as in the Gold Country Artists Gallery in Placerville, California.

For more information, you can contact the artist via email at dougparks.finephoto@gmail.com.

I will be bringing the goodies, so plan to see you all there!


Common Grounds Show

This month's display will show off the winning images of the 2013 WCF image competitions.

Best Print image, "Raptor Feathers" by Susan Bovey.

Best Digital image, "Remembering the Good Old Times" by Bill Wagnon. 

 Stop in and sip some coffee and admire the prints on display.  

Woodland Camera Forum members are blessed with the opportunity to have an Art Wall at Common Grounds Coffee Shop. And, to make that happen, our club has just purchased some really nice frames.

  We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity with your work. Each show will run for one month and change out on or about the first of each month, so that people who are enjoying the First Friday can take advantage of your show as well. As this is your show, you can choose any prints that you would like to show.

February 2014 will showcase the winning images from the digital and print competitions in 2013. We invite WCF members to show their prints for the upcoming months of March, April, May, etc.

 Contact Susan Bovey with the month that you would like to have your prints up for your very own art show.

   The outside of the frames measure 16 x 20 inches. There is a double mat included (white over black), or you can use your own mat. The inside dimension of the mat is 11 x 14 inches.  So, all you need to do is supply three photographs measuring 11 x 14 inches with a ¼ inch white border. You will also need to supply a small artist statement (about you) and your photography.

   The use of these frames does come with a charge of $1 per frame per month. This comes up to $3, payable to Sarah Gould, Treasurer. This is to pay for the frames by the people who are using them.  If you are using your own frames, there is no charge.

   Now, after all the members have had their chance to show for one month, we can do it all over again. And, if you are not calling to schedule your month, Susan will call you and give you a month.

   This is your chance to shine. Even if you are shy about it, ask someone in the club and there are plenty of people who can help you get over your obstacles.

Shy? You do not have to be present – just present your photos. Inexperienced? Well, this is your way to get some experience. Feeling like your work is not good enough? Ask someone to help you evaluate a selection of photos and help you with any improvements you think you would like.

You can contact the coordinator, Susan Bovey at (530) 219-0955, for more information.

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