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Welcome to my website! I am an avid gardener and amateur nature photographer by hobby; so I decided to combine both and share the beauty of nature with all of my friends.  We built our home in 1993 and I have been the landscaper since that date.  My camera goes with me everywhere, except to school.  There are many visitors to my garden and if I discover them, they must pose for a photo opt, like it or not.  Some fly away, some crawl away, some run away, while still others are patient while a 'big black thing' is shoved in their faces.  The gardens around my home change seasonally and many times in between.  There is a big renovation in the works for both the east and west gardens, so there are few photos of them as of yet. Please visit regularly to enjoy the love, serenity and beauty of nature and see what will be coming up in the near future.

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We Have Babies

Our Wrens are proud parents of 3 tiny babies.  The mother and father are diligently flying back and forth to feed the hungry little mouths I see rising above the small hole in the bird house.  Their chorus of 'peeps' can be heard on the deck and in the yard as the parents fly close. 

Note: the photos of Mom and Dad Wren in my 'Birds' album nest building in the small white house.  I tried to photograph the babies from the deck, however, the hole is way to small and it is so dark inside the bird house that I was unable to get a good shot.  A good shot is not worth the upset that the parents and the babies would have if I got very close to the bird house. 

A Thank You To A Friend

A very good friend of mine, and she knows to whom I speak, told me over a month ago, that I should take one hour a day when I returned home from school, to do something I liked.  So, daily, I do just that.  With Bastet my Garden Goddess, and camera in hand, we either walk in the woods where Bastet climbs trees, leaps after bugs and birds, or we just sit and take in the wonders of nature and have a peaceful time to ourselves. 

This week a beautiful Mourning Dove seemed to taunt Bastet by flying everywhere around her, from the roof, to the deck just above where she was seated. Saturday I had a little friend help with the removal of river stones and transplanting plants. I added a memorial to mother eagle, Lady Legacy, who perished a little over a year ago after being struck by a plane. 

Each week I upload what we have experienced during that our daily hour together, and this is our peace we share with your:  this is our.....Woodland Hill.  Thank you my dear friend for restoring some peace to my life.

A Different Perspective

Friday evening Bastet and I took a stroll outside and found ourselves in a nice quiet spot in the backyard.  While Bastet stalked, chirped, climbed and leaped I remained sitting or laying in the cool grass, listening to the sounds and watching the sights as the moon rose above us.  I took photos from that position, including one of the moon.  We spent several hours enjoying the fresh air and the beauty of nature.

Clean Deck

April 24-Tuesday-Last week we hired someone to power wash and restain our deck. So until today, there has been 'police' tape across tje bottom of the steps and across our back door so we could not walk on the deck. Both bird feeders went dry either yesterday or today sometime. When I came home from school today, the work was complete, but our friend Robert was very upset.  I couldn't understand why until I saw the top railing of the deck.  It had been gouged and scratched to pieces.  Upon seeing that our bird feeders were empty, I told Robert that the culpret was my tempermental squirrel.  When the feeders are empty, and I don't fill them right away, he chews my deck.  Robert was very upset, because he felt it reflected on his job.  I assured him not at all and showed him the squirrel sitting in the tree, watching his every move.  Robert restained the top railing for us, watching the squirrel watch us just waiting for him to leave.

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