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SmilingThe Yahara PTA Welcomes You!

If you're new to Yahara Elementary School--Welcome!  If you're already a YES parent and this is your first visit to our site, Welcome!  And, if you're already a YES parent and familiar with our website, Welcome Back! Here you'll find information on upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and the latest news about Yahara PTA. Visit us regularly and see what we are up to!


Market Day Sales

Thanks to all who supported the Yahara Market Day program during the 2012-13 school year.  Thanks to April Lobe who served as Market Day Chairperson for the past year. If you are interested in helping for the following year, contact PTA President Dawn Riemer at 846-1773.  The PTA is looking for a chairperson or co-chairpeople to coordindate Market Day events. 

Yahara PTA Meetings

Yahara PTA Board meetings are open to all parents to attend and occur usually on the first Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at Yahara Elementary Library.  Select meetings will offer guest speakers.  

There are currently some positions open within the Yahara PTA.  If interested in helping, contact Dawn Riemer. 

Upcoming Events

Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair  for this fall is scheduled for October 3 to coincide with Yahara's open house. 


If you are interested in volunteering for this event in the spring, please contact Tracy Ohrt at 846-3033

tlohrt@wisc.edu or Lydia Reid at 846-0710


Top Ten Reasons to Be Involved ----JOIN TODAY!

It's easy to become a member.  Joining is as simple as signing up to volunteer for an event, there is no special application involved.  Get involved today!!


  • I feel comfortable at the school. It is nice to meet other parents.
  • I can volunteer as little or as much as I like.
  • My ideas are taken seriously.
  • I like knowing what is happening at my child's school.
  • I get to see my child interact with his/her peers and teachers.
  • It feels good to help the teachers and principal.
  • When I volunteer I meet new people and make new friends.
  • My involvement directly impacts the financial success of the school. 
  • Working with my child's school is fulfilling.
Smiling And the #1 reason to be involved is...I get to help determine the future of my child's education.


All the good work that Yahara PTA does through out the year doesn't just "happen".  Each event takes planning and lots and lots of willing volunteers.  Please consider volunteering--there's always a place for your help!


If you would like to volunteer for any PTA events please contact:

Lisa Welter at 846-7742 ( welter4@centurytel.net ) or

Amber Tyler at 846-1923 ( tylerandcompany@yahoo.com )


Check out our "Volunteer Thanks" page to see who's been helping!



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Message board

Box Tops!

Keep collecting and turning in your box tops for education.

And, if you'd like to check out another way to support Yahara PTA, visit the boxtops marketplace website to purchase items and a portion of the sale returns to our PTA--no snipping boxtops required!!


Market Day

Interested in purchasing great food for your family, and, at the same time, having a portion of your receipts return back to help fund projects at YES? Market Day may be for you!  Order any time, any where.  For new customers, save $5 on your first market day order--see the "marketdayflyer" for more infomation.

Next Market Day Pick-up:  (see "market day pick-up", for more dates)

Contact Dawn Riemer at 846-1773 for more information.


Yahara PTA Fundraising Efforts


Yahara PTA fundraising efforts support and provide for a wide range of family programs and activities, school resources, appreciation events and educational supplies for students.


Check out this flyer that describes Yahara PTA's fundraising efforts:

Yahara PTA fundraising efforts.pdf

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